The RealReal is a Luxury Consignment Store that sells designer bags, clothing, jewelry and accessories to die for. The company has several unique ways of collecting the merchandise for inspection by their experts. One can either have a Free in-Home Pickup, Drop off at one of the Luxury Consignment Office’s or Ship Directly to the store all options are on their dime. The RealReal has been recognized by the New York Times, Fortune and The New Yorker as the “go to ” shopping experience for authentic luxury items.

Their Instagram page was set up in a very user friendly way. There is a virtual experience for the L.A. Store including a visual of the team , their address and a live peek-a-boo of the store. The next option to view is their Sustainability caption which is The RealReal’s partnership with Stella McCartney, that basically emphasizes maximizing the use of items for as long as possible and for designers to make them so well that they are resellable instead of disposable. The remaining options to view are the SOHO Store and some tips from their authenticity experts.

I have a few favorite items from their Instagram page, starting with a Chanel bag that they titled “From C to shining C”. This petite bag is adorable, it has a gold and silver chevron design all over it and has some serious bling being displayed via the photo. The traditional Chanel chain is attached, so although its small enough to carry like a clutch the chain doesn’t look like it tucks in from the side. This bag is a must have due to not really seeing a lot of people with this style. Every woman wants to feel like they have a “Special Edition” of a designer bag. Another piece that happens to be by Chanel as well, is a Crystal Vision belt. This is no ordinary belt, this needs a new description for the amount of elegance being displayed. The only way to describe it is to imagine beads of diamonds attached as if it were a chain that has a double layer in the front and then has a single strand of diamonds hanging to the side with the Chanel logo at the end.

I have told all of my girlfriends about this amazing Instagram page and I know they won’t be disappointed. Happy shopping ladies!