Throwing a memorable party for a group of loved ones can be quite an intimidating task. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party for ten or a backyard bash for your entire extended family, it can be a challenge to stay organized and keep guests happy for several hours.


That’s why so many people turn to event planning companies in NYC. Professional event planners in NYC have the experience and skills to turn parties of any size into a success.


If you’re interested in hiring a professional event planning company to handle the big tasks, look for a full-service company like Twenty Three Layers. This company can provide services like catering, decor and live entertainment while helping you keep track of things like invitations and the guest list.


However, if a professional planner isn’t in your budget, you can relax. We asked for expert tips from professional party and corporate event planners in NYC so that you can throw a party like a pro.



  1. Get Organized


A party of any size requires organization. You have to keep track of so many things like shopping lists, dietary restrictions and budget. That’s why it’s wise to make use of the spreadsheet software that comes with your computer. By using spreadsheets, you can keep track of everything easily and avoid making major mistakes.



  1. Keep the Food Simple


If you’re having a party with several guests, you may want to impress them all with your amazing cooking skills. However, by devoting so much time to preparing complicated recipes, you’ll barely have time to handle all of your other party-related obligations. Instead, prepare some appetizers that are simple yet delicious.



  1. Create a Self-Serve Bar


Instead of spending the duration of your party filling up your guests’ glasses, set up a bar area where guests can serve themselves. Provide a variety of beverages, drinking glasses and garnishes like lemon wedges and cocktail olives.



  1. Relax


Make sure to spend an hour or so before the party doing something that will allow you to unwind. Take a long bubble bath or listen to some music so that you can be in a relaxed state of mind when the guests start to arrive.