Have you ever walked down the cosmetic isle of your favorite store? You’ve probably noticed that the isle is cluttered with numerous items and products. Cosmetics is a billion dollar industry world wide and there has been no slowing down in recent years. Every time you turn on your television there is some type of cosmetic commercial thrown in your face whether it’s Maybelline, L’OrĂ©al, MAC, or Cover Girl. Unfortunately for those prominent brands, all of the new press is going towards a brand that is creating huge waves in current times. That brand is Lime Crime and it has begun revolutionizing the industry with it’s eclectic style.


Doe Deere started this brand as a small independent company on Ebay in 2004. This was more of a fashion line/cosmetics as Deere sewed her own clothes as well as modeled the attire. After reevaluating her business, Deere decided to make some drastic changing and those drastic changes came in the form of Lime Crime make-up. In 2008 Lime Crime took off and gained aptitude with it’s distinct style. This brand had flare and was unapologetic about it’s ways as it could back up all of the hype it started receiving. Having such a strong internet presence, Doe Deere strategically started marketing the brand to specific individuals and it soon became a “cult favorite.” Lime Crime has a wide range of colors that distinctly stands out from the rest. It’s Blue Unicorn Lipsticks stood action and became a must-have product for many. As of today, the Velvetine Collection is the flagship product and it’s liquid matte lipsticks comes in the widest range of hues such as alien, wicked, red velvet, black velvet, pink velvet, saint, pansy, cashmere, utopia, riot, and more.


A typical day starts with Deere and her creative director going over specific products and strategy. Deere states that whenever she has a new idea/concept, she’ll jump on it immediately by working with her chemist. The products are always tried by Deere before hitting the market and she doesn’t like the outcome, the prototype product will be scrapped. Deere has taken this brand above and beyond all doubt as it has expanded into eye shadow, foundation, nail polish. Lime Crime has grown into a full fledged hero (in-a-sense) as female and male individuals are inspired to use the products. It’s Metallic lipsticks are huge sellers as well as it’s staple Unicorn lipsticks. The success of this great cosmetic brand is no fluke and the future looks to be even more interesting.

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