Tammy Mazzocco is a successful seller of residential real estate in Central Ohio. She covers the territory in the four counties of Franklin, Delaware, Licking, and Fairfield. She is very well known and does a good job of giving her customers the best service and advice.

Tammy started in the real estate field as a secretary for a nine-person commercial real estate group, and that experience gave her the exposure to the income potential of the business. After a series of supportive types of jobs, Tammy joined with a friend and mentor Judy Gang with the Judy Gang Group of RE/MAX in Pickerington, Ohio as a full-time real estate broker. That was in 1999.

Tammy is very passionate about her real estate business, and the commitment that she brings to the table has more to do with just making money. Of course, she does quite well financial, but there is a commitment to her customers. There is a real sense of having a solid impact on the lives of people because buying a new home is a very important step in the lives of people, and Tammy strives to make that an excellent experience for them, that can be found on linkedin.

Tammy puts in a full day at work, as she starts early, getting paperwork and emails out of the way. Then she gets on the phone to follow up on leads that she receives from agencies such as Zillow and realtor.com. These are live calls on the phone leads in many instances, and the others are emails that interested prospects have sent in. These are all people who are interested in knowing more about buying houses in Central Ohio.

Tammy has one major emphasis that is very important to every potential customer with whom she works. Many people who purchase new houses have other issues which they are having to deal with while they are going through the house buying process. Some of the issues might have to do directly with the home purchase, but in many cases, there may be family problems, illness, and other issues.

Tammy makes it a point to focus 100% on the client and set her issues aside. In lots of situations, people who are dealing with other issues will not purchase a house because they feel the other issues are more important. Sometimes a person like Tammy can help the situation by reminding people that a new home can solve some of those problems, or at least ease the severity of them.

You can visit her facebook page and her tumblr, https://tammymazzocco.tumblr.com/