Securus Technologies is one of the best companies in North America in offering exceptional information management services, inmate services, management of emergencies, providing extensive research and investigation, monitoring and biometric analysis. Our headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. We collaborate with the government and non-governmental agencies in law enforcement and public safety. Additionally, we are the leading firm that efficiently works with correction agencies in the country to enhance successful reformation of the inmates.

At Securus Technologies, we have made significant corrections to the press release of Global Tel Link issued on the 7th of June in 2016. The news release by GTL has numerous errors that are confusing. Therefore, our primary objective here is to correct and clarify on various misleading allegations by GTL.

On the first allegation, GTL claimed that the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board’s verdict about the GTL’s US patent No. 7,256,816 allows GTL to proceed with a 4th PTAB-authorized patent.

Our correction at Securus emphasizes that we understand that the case at the federal court in Texas is undecided. Therefore, GTL is seeking for relief by claiming that they are moving forward to the District Court.

Another allegation on the press release claims that they are happy that PTAB influenced the patenting of all the innovations.

We have corrected the above allegation by emphasizing that despite GTL saying that PTAB did not influence any innovations, they made a conclusion that they have no plans of reviewing their claims. Therefore, we have made all the corrections to the GTL’s press release to show the truth and to eliminate the misleading allegations.