In a recent statement at, it was revealed that the drinking water located on the upper mountain of Squaw Valley was said to contain E. coli and coliform bacteria. The report was released on November 8 by the Department of Environmental Health at Placer County. In the time since the statement was released on Weather, there has been an improvement in the water due to extensive treatment.

The most recent findings on stated that there was no E. coli detected and much lower level of coliform bacteria. The water is off limits for drinking at this time and skiing activities are going forward as planned. The cause of the contamination is linked to heavy rainfall in October which affected the water system on the mountain. The rain water flooded the newly upgraded water system at Squaw Valley.

The ski lodge detected the contamination during routine testing of the water and notified the Environmental Health agency at Placer County as well as the Public Service District. Squaw Valley immediately contacted private water safety consultants on how to immediately address the issue. The company is currently offering free bottled water to the guest lodges that are affected by the contamination and hope to remedy the situation in the very near future. In the meantime, the company is taking the issue quite seriously and is working around the clock to resolve the issue.