NGP VAN is a DC-based political software company that largely works with liberal democratic organizations to help them create the software that they need to to help reach the constituents that support their ideals and will vote for them in upcoming elections. They create a wide array of software for political campaigns, progressive oranizations, non-profits, and towns and cities aroud the country. They offer an integrated software package that meets all of their customers needs for networking, fundraising, organization, field work, and compliance.

As a liberal, progressive organization NGP VAN supports liberal and progressive causes, organizations, and people. The organization strives to provide this software at an affordable price, because they believe that the liberal organizing needed to change the world, shouldn’t break the bank.

In addition to working with democratic canidates, NGP VAN has made some other changes to be more inclusive and progressive. Recently they have focued on promoting LGBTQ progressive ideals through the way their software works. Many other companies that take polls and collect data use binary language to refer to gender, but in order to be more inclusive and support trans and nonbinary people, NGP VAN has started using non-binary gender pronouns and labels in voters contact labels. This helps organizations and campaigns to better connect with their trans and non-binary supporters by affirming their identity. This allows volunteers and poll takers to be addressed correctly and allows these volunteers and poll takes to address donors, supporters, and voters correctly as well.

Inclusive language is only a small way that NGP VAN supports liberal and progressive values. During the international “A Day Without a Woman” campaign, the DC based company gave all the women in the organization the day off, and instead encouraged these employees to spend the day volunteering or otherwise using their time outside of the company. Women in the company occupy a wide variety of roles, including developers, engineers, designers, accountants, human resource professionals, sales & account managers, marketers, client services representatives, and data specialists. Without these essential roles, which the company blog described as “magic”, many important projects were put on hold and could not be accomplished.