Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was established in 1991 as a local title company, and today has grown to one of the country’s largest wholesale supplier of documents for the mortgage industry. In fact, eight out of ten of the largest retail mortgage companies use Nationwide for their primary source of documents. Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, Nationwide currently employs 578 employees that serve the entire nation.


Nationwide has access to all of the counties and jurisdictions in the United States, about 3,600 different places where they are stored. Even records that are still stored in manilla folders in metal file cabinets somewhere can be found.


The key factors for any company that is supplying documents of this nature are speed and accuracy. It is important for the records to reach the retail mortgage company on a timely basis and with great speed. It would not do for records to be late or inaccurate, as it would delay or confuse the issue at the closing time.


The statistics for Nationwide are a failure rate of only .78% and a compliance rate of 99.98%. These numbers mean that Nationwide finds the correct document nearly 100% of the time and that it is accurate nearly all of the time.


Employee training is a very important part of the success story of Nationwide, as it is where the rubber meets the road. New employees have a very intensive three-week training, and then they are shadowed by a supervisor until they master the level where they are.


There is also an additional 150 modules of training where employees can take extra training on a voluntary basis. This training also helps them with their advancement and the ability to carry more responsibility.


Employees like working at Nationwide as the pay is good and so are the benefits. For the last five out of six years, Nationwide has been voted as being in the top 100 companies to work for according to the Tampa Bay Times.


John Hillman, CEO of the company recently gave an industry talk on podcast where he brought out the fact that companies are only as good as their employees, and they should be trained well and well taken care of. The mortgage business can be a high-stress environment, so there needs to be some element of training and support to help employees when times occur that are stressful. A culture of watching each other’s back and pitching in to help works quite well.


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