Magnificent is an adjective worthy of a 23 year-old entrepreneur of Billy Mcfarland’s calibur. He has created a whole new social platform for young professionals to meet. If you are a young professional between the ages of 21 and 35, then you must learn more about Billy Mcfarland and the Magnises Club.

Billy’s vision is to create a massive network of young millennials to network through. He calls it Magnises. The club is particularly interested in those who work in the fashion, information technology, and finance industries. The idea of working together as whole to benefit the whole is the driving force behind Billy’s beliefs instilled in Maginises.

Members of this exclusive club reap the benefits of discounts, private events, and even getaways. It truly is social media without the media. The media is you again. Rather than the virtual experience networking through LinkedIn or Facebook, we now get to rekindle the art of conversation. Oh, and the Magnises Card members are issued does everything from grant access to private events, issue those discounts, and can even be used to make payments like a debit card.

Once completed, you may commence anxiously, awaiting your approval from the Magnises. When accepted you will gain access to an exclusive club full of great minds. “Surround yourself with success and you too will be successful”, my Uncle once said. According to Fortune, Billy Mcfarland’s Magnises Club plugs you right into the network of current and future success.