What if I told you about a birthday bash that racked up a bill of nearly $100,000— would you wish you’d participated or recoil for distaste of lavish extravagance? And what if that bill was part of an ingenious marketing expense?

That party happened. It was for Juan “OG” Perez, a man on a mission with impressive entrepreneurial accomplishments.

OG Juan is president of Roc Nation Sports, a sub-division of Roc Nation; the world’s preeminent entertainment company that’s redefining the business of entertainment. OG Juan is part of a team of execs that includes his wife Desiree and Shawn “Jay Z” Carter; founder of Roc Nation, who also hosted the celebration. OG Juan and Desiree have run Jay’s business operations for over twenty years. The three of them are not only business partners but dear friends.

Jay Z and OG Juan met in 96 and formed an instant bond. They started their business adventures opening sports bars and lounges, including the 40/40 Club; a hub for sports celebrities that catalyzed their future brand in sports. Where Roc Nation advocated artists in the music industry, Roc Nation Sports sought to support athletes in the same way.

Jay Z, an avid sports fan, noted the economic plight of athletes following the closure of their contracts and developed the notion to further their careers by offering the kinds of deals usually reserved for entertainers.

Between artists and athletes, Roc Nation’s mission has been an awesome success and OG Juan’s celebration added to their accomplishments. The bulk of that birthday bill was spent on “D’usse’” and “Ace of Spades,” Jay’s own brands of cognac and champagne and the storm of tweets in response to the bill was awesome free marketing!