George Soros is not happy with the election results. Soros spent more than $14 million during the campaign, and at least $8 million on that donation went to Clinton Super PACs. But it’s not the loss of money that has Soros so upset. He’s upset because of Donald Trump’s anti-immigration and anti-Muslim rhetoric during the campaign. Mr. Soros has a history of spreading democracy around the world through his Open Society Foundation. Trump’s form of Democracy doesn’t fit the Soros definition of freedom and an open society.

Most people know the name, George Soros. He is one of the most successful hedge fund investors in history. George is known as “The Man that Broke the Bank of England because, in the 1970s, he bet the pound would depreciate against the dollar and the mark due to the introduction of the euro. Soros made $1 billion on that bet, and his hedge fund partners made $7 billion. Soros has been making money on one risky investment after another, ever since then. His personal wealth has grown to over $32 billion, and if his investment in gold pays off the way he thinks it will, Soros will make billions more over the next couple of years.

Soros retired from investing in 2015, so he could focus on his foundation. Soros also wanted to help Hillary Clinton get elected. George also spent a great deal of time trying to solve the migration issue that has torn the foundation of the European Union to shreds. The migration crisis is a big deal, and Soros has decided to invest $500 million in businesses that are started by migrants or in businesses that help migrants.

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Another major bet that Soros made recently is the bet that China’s currency will lose about 40 percent of its value over the next 18 months. George is not the only investor that is betting against the Chinese. Four other major hedge funds also believe China is in for some tough financial times. George Soros thinks China’s economic and financial issues could impact the global economy.

Even though Soros retired from investing in 2015, the 86-year-old Hungarian-born American is investing again, but he is also on a mission. Now that the election is over, George Soros wants to make sure that Trump doesn’t take the country down a path that will destroy the core principles of the nation. He recently attended a conference in Washington. The conference is meant to fortify the agenda of the Democratic Alliance Donor Club. The Democratic Alliance Donor Club is a group of wealthy donors, House Democratic leaders, and liberal groups and unions. The members are also reassessing the role of the Democratic Party in politics.

The Democratic Party made serious mistakes during the campaign, and the Democratic Alliance Donor Club wants to make sure that never happens again.