Peter Briger is one of the top financial services executives who currently works at the firm Fortress Investment Group. He has worked at the firm for the last 15 years. Briger has contributed to the firm by helping it expand as well as maintaining its client base. Before he worked at Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked for the firm Goldman Sachs. At this firm where he provided sound leadership of the firm. Along with working in the financial sector, Peter is very active in the community. When he was working in New York City, he helped complete charitable projects with Central Park. While residing in San Francisco, Briger would help families who were in need of housing. Briger is also among the richest Americans according to Forbes magazine.

The educational background of Peter Briger is quite impressive. He attended Princeton University and completed a Bachelor’s degree. After graduating from Princeton, he would get a couple of years of work experience before going on to business school. Peter would later attend the University of Pennsylvania. While studying at this university, he completed a master’s degree at the top school known as the Wharton School of Business. His education in business would help him advance his career and get high level positions at a couple of the top investment firms.

Today, Peter Briger works at Fortress Investment Group where he is a part of the firm’s top level management. He is a member of the management committee as well as being the co chief executive officer and the principal. These two positions allow Peter to provide leadership and business strategy. He helps with setting goals, suggesting policies and also managing the firm’s credit securities division. With his leadership, Peter has been able to help Fortress Investment Group remain as one of the most reputable firms in industry.

Prior to working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger spent many years at Goldman Sachs. While working at Goldman Sachs he spent several years as a Partner beginning in 1996. At this firm, Peter would manage the credit division and help the firm with its presence and expansion in the Asian financial markets.