The renowned Flavio Maluf was born on 2nd of December into the prosperous family of Paulo Maluf, a successful politician cum businessman in Brazil. Despite being born in a very wealthy family, he succeeded to get a good education and build his empire. Flavio, who acquired his Mechanical Engineering degree from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation but opted to be a full-time entrepreneur until 1997, when he took over the Eucatex Group as the CEO and President. Visit to learn more.

FlavioMaluf who is also the president of the Grand food Company, recommends that people who want to venture in business should dedicate a lot of time and energy in growing their business and go against the myths in the entrepreneurial world. He advises that when you own your business, you will have to put in more hours into the business to earn more. He also warns people to seize thinking that they need a lot of capital to start a business because there are some very nice business models which do not need a lot of capital to start. According to Flavio Maluf, being a smart entrepreneur means being creative and open-minded to grab opportunities which can grow your business. He suggests that entrepreneurs should read books and magazine as well as internet content sources to grow creativity in business operations to make it possible to get new ideas and also sharpen creativity. A strategy he feels helps most business to grow is, appreciating the current trends in the market in regards to the business one is partaking.

Most importantly, Flavio believes that we should be ready to fail before we succeeded. There are times he has tried out new things for his business, and it just did not work out for him. Therefore, it is important to know both your abilities and your limitations.

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