A long-lasting solution for any firm depends wholly on how the organization is guided. David McDonald is one great icon in this industry which plays his cards well through the guiding of his organization in meeting set goals. With a degree in animal science from Lowa State University, David managed to penetrate the real business word of serving. He joined OSI Group, an international food handling company.

David has been in the industry for a long time, and his effort has proved him worthy. While still under OSI, David has held different positions. He is also the Director of OSI International Foods Property Limited, Australia and the project manager of OSI Group, with more significant roles to perform in ensuring a smooth running of the company.

Under the management of David McDonald, OSI Group has managed to acquire Baho Food, which is also a global food handling organization. Through his statement regarding this, David McDonald announced that OSI had achieved a greater identity in Europe. Boha has been in the food industry with an experience of 60 years, which puts OSI in an excellent position to benefit from. The diverse range of products they offer also gives OSI an upper hand in satisfying their customers demand.

David’s’ offer in improving OSIs’ Group sustainability includes expanding their market by the acquisition of more food companies such as Flagship Europe, Tyson Food apart from Baho Food. Focusing on this, he has also managed to penetrate global markets such as Geneva and Hungary. All this has a positive impact in sustaining the company through the increase in demand and thus increase in services provided.

Understanding the market well for one to offer desired services is a crucial aspect when dealing with business. David McDonald placed measures for monitoring customers worldwide; to have a clue of what is needed. For instance, he established a worldwide network of teams with firms supposed to grasp the culture of the different groups of customers around. This in return gives a better view of what to offer that is in line with what is demanded.

David led by the rule of ‘customer always comes first.’ Through which, he had to work on giving desirable results to the consumers who are the backbone of the company.

Apart from being part of OSI, David has other delegations such as being the Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A since 2008.