When it comes to business, succeeding is what matters most. For Chris Burch, he is the founder and current serving chief executive officer of Burch Creative Capital. With that said, Chris Burch has been an entrepreneur for over four decades. In his life as an entrepreneur, he has been responsible for the rise of many brands among them being Tory Burch, Faena Hotel+ Universe, Voss Water, and Poppin. In this context, Chris Burch’s interview with Ideamensch will serve as the primary source of this articles context.


Background Check

Well, Chris Burch was able to acquire a luxury resort known as Nihiwatu. The resort is located on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. After acquiring the resort, Chris Burch renovated it. Far from that, the World by Travel + Leisure magazine ranked the hotel as being #1 in 2016. With that said, it is evident that Chris Burch is passionate about the hospitality industry. His interest in hospitality emerged when he decided to partner with Alan Faena who is a hotelier and Philippe Stark who is an architect. Together, they were able to renovate a piece of land that was not fully utilized, and the final product was the Faena Hotel + Universe.


Additional Information

As the proud founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch acknowledges that the idea to found the company arose from the fact that he was always passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to come up with substantial ideas. By tapping into his passion, he was able to bring Burch Creative Capital to life. The company has always been able to help entrepreneurs to come up with various possibilities keeping in mind that the amount of capital is a significant factor in business.



During the interview with Ideamensch, Chris Burch pointed out that his days are never typical. Each day is always accompanied with a new task such as traveling for business meetings and also exploring pieces of land in areas such as the South Pacific in a bid to expand his resorts. Well, by the look of things, Chris Burch is a busy man indeed. Far from that, Chris Burch also notes that for an idea to become a reality, there must be good people present who are capable of executing the plans at hand, read (Instagram.com).