Kim Dao’s Beauty Secrete – “My Everyday Makeup Routine’’

Kim Dao is a young, beautiful and dedicated blogger and Youtuber; she is an Australian native, Vietnamese in ethnicity who relocated to Japan. Kim Dao is a graduate of University of Western Australia in Japanese and Psychology, who is passionate about makeup, fashion and travelling. She has gain a huge following online due to her impressive makeup tutorials that are quite captivating and practical.


Although she initial began a blog to share her experiences from her first visit to Japan, she now uses it for business to outline the step by step application of makeup along with additional information to show what works where, or what suits who. Through her Youtube channel she actively shares tutorials and experiences through live video. Her work has been featured in TV shows and newspapers.


In her YouTube channel Kim Dao shares with us “My Everyday Makeup Routine’’ which is her got to make up routine, very simple and easy to execute in almost ten minutes every morning.


The first product on her list is primer from Etude house. This product is amazing in the sense that it gives your face a flawless finish and a glow. For best results dot this product all over your face and blend it out using your fingers.


The second product on her list is BB Cream also from Etude house. This precious mineral helps cover perfectly her uneven skin tone with its light coverage.


The third product is loose powder that helps in setting the BB cream.


Primer Mac paint pot. This product is used all over the eyelids and they help the eye lashes last longer.


To find more on Kim Dao and her guide on “My Everyday Makeup Routine’’ follow this link.