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The Fagali’l Airport – Experiencing the Pleasures of Samoan Culture

     Although the Fagali’l airport is one of the smallest airports that you would ever experience, the hair of its employees is consistently on fire, as the airport brings in many, many flights of visitors itching to experience the beauty of the Samoan culture of Apia and Surrounding areas.

As the Apia culture has built their city up to an extremely fun and grand territory of opportunity, visitors are steadily bringing home memories unmatched by any other vacation they’ve ever had the pleasure of going on. The Samoan people have always been a target of discussion. It’s hands on crafts and furniture making, dancing, music, their foods and especially their personality has been phenomenal to visitors, remarkable occurrences that have motivated many families to return yet again for more vacationing.

Beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, jungles, museums and more. Scuba diving, swimming with the fishes, surfing, rock sliding, specie discovering, sightseeing, shopping and of course, much more! There is no place like a place ran by Samoans and you’ll understand why when you’ve experienced their presence first-hand. Take a weekend trip, a week long trip, a bi-monthly trip, a monthly trip a yearly trip or move on in forever, if you will. The Samoan culture within Apia is indeed a culture of great people with great opportunities.

And who does not like to eat? We pretty much all do. Some of the best tasting foods in the world comes right from Apia. Check out these few Apia restaurants when you visit and please rate them based on your honest opinion when you get the chance: Paddles restaurant, Scalinis restaurant, Nourish Cafe, Pacific Jewel’s Garden Cafe, Bistro Tatau and Home Cafe. There are of course many others indeed, but try not to leave Apia without trying at least one of these restaurants. You can thank me later!

So, mate, what are you waiting for? The Samoan community welcomes you with open arms and all you have to do is book your flight on in to the Fagali’l airport and the rest is history. Deals are available as if you really need them, flights to Apia can be some of the cheapest flights in its category. Good day mate!

Doe Deere And Being Fashion Forward

One phrase that has been popping up a little more lately is the phrase fashion forward. One of the reasons that this is popping up is that the established ideas of fashion and beauty are being challenged. People have been made to believe for a long time that one has to meet a certain standard or look like a certain person in order to be beautiful. However, people are finding that different people are attracted to different traits and looks. Doe Deere herself has come to realize that beauty can be quite diverse.


Doe Deere has established Lime Crime which is a make up company that sells different types of make up. When people look at the make up from Lime Crime, they find that they are looking at different colors for items such as lipstick and mascara. This gives them a lot more ideas on what they could do in order to come up with a look that they like or invent some new looks. One thing that people realize is that how one looks could have an effect on their lives whether they like it or not.


Doe Deere is definitely fashion forward in that she wants to bring something new to the world of fashion and beauty. The most important thing for her is diversity.  As a matter of fact, it is the person who finds her own look that is going to be the most satisfied with her appearance, and her life among others that are interested in their appearance.


Doe Deere not only offers some high quality make up. She also sells it at a price that is affordable. Therefore, people don’t have to spend a fortune on make up in order to get something that is going to work well for them. Lime Crime products could be bought online as well as in certain stores.