Ignition Financial Shows the Way

There is many a car financing deal that could have been better in retrospect. Many people finance their vehicle purchase through a dealer program or a used car dealer, and it is possible that they could have done better by doing business with a bank or a credit union.


Many people do not take the time to handle this angle of their purchase of an automobile as carefully or as closely as they should, and they simply buy the car because they feel they can afford the payment. They walk into the showroom, find a car or truck that they like, and measure the value of the deal by the amount of the payment and the “ease” with which they feel they can do business.


Money for automobile financing comes from large banks or money lenders, and the customer does not always get the best deal. There is tremendous competition among these big lenders as far as them doing business with major car dealerships and used car companies. To win the game, many times the lender has to offer some kind of a good deal to the car dealer.


The lender establishes a “floor rate” which is where the interest rate starts, and then another 2 to 4 percent is usually added as dealer profit on the deal. The dealer will then cash out when closing occurs, and the consumer is left holding the bag.


Now there is a way back through Ignition Financial from Austin, Texas. Ignition will refinance those old car loans, and give you a second chance. In most cases, if a person’s credit is fair to good, there is money to be saved in the way of lower payments. Interest rates can be lowered, and costs trimmed away which can add up.


Why keep paying higher payments on loans that run 48 to 60 months or more when you could be lowering your payments and make a better deal on the car note? Ignition will gladly give you a free analysis so you can see whether or not the car note you currently have can be redone. Just tell ignition financial to “slash my payments” today and you’ll be forever glad.


It can be put to good use, as it can go towards other bills, college, medical costs and all kinds of other purposes. Call Ignition Financial today and save.