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The Philanthropy Of George Soros Covers The World

The philanthropy of George Soros has never quite hit the headlines as his work to help elect left leaning political candidates has in recent years, but Soros has made an even greater impact on philanthropy than he has through his political donations. The Open Society Foundations reports its founder, George Soros has given away a substantial amount of his own fortune to good causes in a charitable way, so far totaling more than $12 billion across a philanthropic career reported to have begun as far back as 1979; this compares favorably to the two major political contributions made to the Democratic during the course of the 21st century that occurred in 2004 and 2016 when George Soros felt the future of the entire world could be negatively affected by the emergence of extreme right wing policies being created by the advisors to President’s George W. Bush and Donald J. Trump. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

Biography explains the work of George Soros to create a brighter and fairer future for the people of the world was influenced in a major way by his own history that began in 1930 in the European nation of Hungary; in the buildup to World War II, George Soros’ father, Tividar obtained forged papers to keep his family safe should Hungary be invaded by Nazi forces; Tividar was correct in hiding the Jewish roots of his family as the 1943 occupation of Hungary saw over 500,000 Jewish Hungarian slaughtered, but the Soros family survived. After arriving in the U.K. in 1947 as a refugee, George Soros worked his way through the London School of Economics as a porter and waiter as he completed his studies that led to the 1956 decision to move to New York and begin working on Wall Street. Learn more on Biography about George

The founder of Soros Fund Management began his own hedge fund in the 1960s and has gone on to build a personal fortune rated at over $20 billion. Building his major fortune has only made George Soros more determined than ever before to continue his career as a philanthropist and reformer seeking greater levels of fairness for every member of society; George Soros began his philanthropic career as a supporter of Cold War era resistance groups throughout Eastern Europe who he supported with equipment and funds to battle the issues faced by those living under Communist rule. Soros has now extended the reach of the Open Society Foundations and his own philanthropic funding to areas of the U.S., Africa, and Asia where restrictive government policies are oppressing the human rights of the citizens of various nations. In the U.S. George Soros has been a major supporter of efforts to reform the immigration system to allow a greater flow of refugees and immigrants into the U.S. in a legal way.

Learn more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/14/george-soros-funds-ferguson-protests-hopes-to-spur/

National Recognition Finally Arrives For Betsy DeVos

The career of Betsy DeVos as an education reformer is one I have watched for around three decades as she has headed the fight to bring this part of the education system to the fore across the U.S. The appointment of Betsy DeVos as the U.S. Secretary of Education has been an important step not only for Mrs. DeVos, but I believe has also brought a sense of success and leadership to the education reform movement as a whole across the U.S.; the expansion of the education reform policies pursued with a relentless vigor by Betsy DeVos has allowed the plans of the Secretary of Education to become legislation in states including Florida, Indiana, and Louisiana. As the need for change in the U.S. public school system has become ever more important, the work of Betsy DeVos has continued as I believe Mrs. DeVos has created a need among parents for a new way of approaching the education of our children that does not see potential ignored or stagnated simply by the zip code of the family of a student. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

I believe one of the major successes that has led to Betsy DeVos becoming one of the world’s leading education reformers is the reform plans created by Betsy DeVos and members of the Florida state legislature; after passing a state wide tax exempt scholarship program in the Sunshine State that has allowed more than 50,000 students take advantage of a school choice system that has improved the position of the state in terms of educational excellence. Born in Holland, Michigan, Secretary DeVos has been a key figure in bringing increased levels of educational excellence to the people of her home state, a position I believe has allowed the children of Michigan to improve their performance at school in many tested areas. I have watched with interest the direction of test scores for children educated under the Detroit Charter Schools program and have been impressed with the Betsy DeVos sponsored policy allowing students to outperform those educated in the traditional public school system in many areas of education.

Learn more: https://www2.ed.gov/news/staff/bios/devos.html?src=hp

Betsy DeVos has been involved in education throughout her life and understands the problems facing families and educators within the public school system; as I read the biography of Betsy DeVos I was pleased to see her mother was a public school teacher in Michigan and allowed the young Betsy DeVos to learn a large amount about the issues facing the public school system on many different levels. As a two time Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos has impressed me with her dedication to public service in all areas of her life and her ability to put aside political bias to achieve much for the good of the children of the U.S.

Soros sees possibilities for criminal justice reform in local races

George Soros has long had as one of his central philanthropic goals, the reformation of America’s criminal justice system. One of the ways in which he has sought to achieve this is by ending the wide array of laws and enforcement actions that are typically referred to as the War on Drugs. In Soros’ view, this campaign, which has lasted over the last 50 years, has been a great source of injustice and abridgment of US citizens’ individual rights. It has caused huge disparities in sentencing between minorities and whites as well as leading to many nonviolent drug offenders being incarcerated in some of the nation’s worst prisons.

Soros has recently started pursuing a new strategy, which has shown a great promise so far. Although it is still a bit early in the game, the results that Soros has generated through the funding of local prosecutorial, sheriff and judge elections have been extremely encouraging. In dozens of cases, Soros has managed to replace incumbent local officials who were staunch advocates of drug war policies. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

One of the areas in which George Soros has concentrated, which shows his brilliant ability to strategize effectively, is the election of new prosecutors. In the United States, prosecutors wield perhaps more power than any other job in the government. Although it is a low-level position, relatively speaking, prosecutors hold sway over people’s live in ways that no other elected official does. Prosecutors, ultimately, decide who will go to jail and who will remain free.

For this reason, Soros has set about to systematically begin electing more progressive-minded prosecutors who are willing to use their prosecutorial discretion to effect positive changes within the system.

But Soros’s efforts have not been limited just to prosecutorial races. One of his more famous forays into electoral politics over the last year has been the large contribution that his Open Societies Foundations made to the campaign of Paul Penzone, the man running against long-time incumbent Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, Arizona. Penzone was hurting for fun when Soros stepped in and infused his campaign with almost $2 million. This provided a crucial boost to his funding, allowing for massive television advertisement as well as ads on the internet. The strategy ultimately worked, with Penzone healthily defeating Arpaio in the first loss for the incumbent in over 25 years as the Maricopa County Sheriff.

Many in conservative circles view Soros’ relentless intervention in the race as a bad thing; Penzone’s ascension to power represents a major shift in the politics of one of the Southwest’s largest metropolises. It is now expected that the county famous for making its inmates wear pink will, in the future, be more hospitable towards even its criminal class. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros Looks To the Democracy Alliance to Continue the Fight against Donald Trump

Almost everybody has now heard the name George Soros in relation to either his success as a hedge fund manager or as a political donor, but the Hungarian born survivor of the World War II Holocaust has only recently made a triumphant return to political donating. George Soros has become one of the best known political donors largely for his major backing of Democrat John Kerry during the 2004 election; despite many conservatives name checking Soros as a major political force he largely sat out the Presidential elections of 2008 and 2012. George Soros returned to political giving in 2015 largely to respond to the issues he saw arising with the rise of many right wing extremists reaching positions of power within the Republican Party in the U.S. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Forbes reports George Soros developed his own hedge fund in 1969 and reached high levels of success as a financial expert by monitoring the political situation in nations across the globe where he believed he could take a gamble on the currency of any nation. As a globally recognized financial expert George Soros reached the public consciousness in 1992 when he correctly predicted the devaluation of the British Pound and was reported to have made $1 billion in a single day. Soros believes his own skills as a financial expert have given him the opportunity to obtain a deep understanding of how global politics work and how events can be influenced by individuals in positions of power. Politico reports George Soros was instrumental in the development of the Democracy Alliance group in 2005 that includes many of the wealthiest left wing donors to the Democrats who often look to George Soros to provide guidance about where to pledge support as major elections draw closer.

Know more: https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

The establishment of the Democracy Alliance came in the wake of the 2004 election loss of John Kerry that saw George Soros provide more than $27 million in campaign funds in a bid to defeat incumbent President George W. Bush. The group once again looks to take center stage as Politico reports Soros and his fellow liberal donors are now looking for new ways of providing funding for candidates and good causes to protect the legacy of outgoing President Barrack Obama; George Soros has already warned of the dangers to the left posed by the arrival of President Donald Trump and the rising number of Republican politicians in important positions in Washington and states across the U.S. For George Soros the need to provide an active and successful left leaning option for the people of the U.S. is not only a decision made for his own personal reasons, but also to make sure the rights of individuals around the world remain protected with the support of a caring U.S. Government.

Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

George Soros Believes In Democracy But Not In Donald Trump’s Type Of Democracy

George Soros is not happy with the election results. Soros spent more than $14 million during the campaign, and at least $8 million on that donation went to Clinton Super PACs. But it’s not the loss of money that has Soros so upset. He’s upset because of Donald Trump’s anti-immigration and anti-Muslim rhetoric during the campaign. Mr. Soros has a history of spreading democracy around the world through his Open Society Foundation. Trump’s form of Democracy doesn’t fit the Soros definition of freedom and an open society.

Most people know the name, George Soros. He is one of the most successful hedge fund investors in history. George is known as “The Man that Broke the Bank of England because, in the 1970s, he bet the pound would depreciate against the dollar and the mark due to the introduction of the euro. Soros made $1 billion on that bet, and his hedge fund partners made $7 billion. Soros has been making money on one risky investment after another, ever since then. His personal wealth has grown to over $32 billion, and if his investment in gold pays off the way he thinks it will, Soros will make billions more over the next couple of years.

Soros retired from investing in 2015, so he could focus on his foundation. Soros also wanted to help Hillary Clinton get elected. George also spent a great deal of time trying to solve the migration issue that has torn the foundation of the European Union to shreds. The migration crisis is a big deal, and Soros has decided to invest $500 million in businesses that are started by migrants or in businesses that help migrants.

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Another major bet that Soros made recently is the bet that China’s currency will lose about 40 percent of its value over the next 18 months. George is not the only investor that is betting against the Chinese. Four other major hedge funds also believe China is in for some tough financial times. George Soros thinks China’s economic and financial issues could impact the global economy.

Even though Soros retired from investing in 2015, the 86-year-old Hungarian-born American is investing again, but he is also on a mission. Now that the election is over, George Soros wants to make sure that Trump doesn’t take the country down a path that will destroy the core principles of the nation. He recently attended a conference in Washington. The conference is meant to fortify the agenda of the Democratic Alliance Donor Club. The Democratic Alliance Donor Club is a group of wealthy donors, House Democratic leaders, and liberal groups and unions. The members are also reassessing the role of the Democratic Party in politics.

The Democratic Party made serious mistakes during the campaign, and the Democratic Alliance Donor Club wants to make sure that never happens again.