Making Use of Billy McFarland’s Magnises Bold Black Card is How Millennials Everywhere are “Getting Their Cool On”

The bold black Magnises card has the appearance that everyone associated with “cool” knows gets noticed. It is a gleaming, industrial-strength card offering; which McFarland has introduced to the Millennial market. When an individual opens up his wallet or pocketbook to pay for a purchase, using the bold, black Magnises card, the impression, naturally is: this person is obviously dripping in wealth.

The preceding said: what is truly “cool” about the bold and beautiful Magnises card is that it is not cost-prohibitive to attain. Its demographic consists of persons that circulate within the industries of fashion, technology and finance. These savvy Millennials want a great looking card; however, without a “hard to reach” annual fee.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland to the rescue: After making his observations Billy McFarland knew that the solution was clear: he would put together a product that satisfied the price-point of the Millennial market and at the same time had a social component built right into the product.

He master-minded an idea to place a magnetic strip on his gleaming Magnises card. All that is required is that the Millennial tie his or her bank card or debit card to the Magnises card. Purchases then are paid, in a way, that is high-styled.

Next, he thought of building a social component into his offering. In this light, the card attained much in the way of value. Some of the social offerings provided to the active Millennial professional follow:

1–Custom dining packages at some of the city’s most highly-rated and trendiest venues;

2–Custom Magnises packages relative to theme-based night spots, iconic within the infrastructure of the city;

3–A cool 24/7 concierge app. Most Magnises members appreciate the convenience of using the app, which allows them to plan the current night’s activities;

4–Great discounts with regard to the performing arts. In example, tickets to a show on Broadway, weighed in at one-fourth of the normal ticket price–and the Magnises member was provided with terrific seats.

5–Invitations to art venues–providing visits to a premier hotel’s rooftop garden.

6–A beautiful modern penthouse, provided to Magnises members, in order to socially connect over cocktails;

7–Late night DJ sets at various high-stylized locations;

8–The convenience of a modern office space arrangement–normally priced at $500, monthly–except this venue, for the Magnises member, is only $99.00, monthly;

9–Easy access to New York’s most popular nightclubs without the need to wait. This amenity comes to the Magnises member–in way of a small-monthly fee–however, is well worth it–since the member is provided access without any waiting in line.

10–Parties on yachts and get-togethers at other equally fashionable venues.

The preceding list is just a small sampling of what Magnises offers its member. The penthouse parties are scheduled frequently. Too: the Magnises member is provided with use of the penthouse in order to conduct important business meetings.

When it comes to Magnises, the creative McFarland is continually thinking of ways to better the lifestyles of the niche he is dedicated.

So; what is the annual fee attached for this rich-and-famous kind of living? Would you believe $250.00 per annum? It is a great investment, and the Millennial is pleased he made the decision to entertain more “cool” into his current life: and at a price that is not breaking his stride, in the way of cash-flow.

McFarland knows what his market expects: and he has achieved it by way of his highly refined, bold, black Magnises card.

Notes Regarding Billy McFarland:

Billy McFarland grew up in the New Jersey area. He matriculated to Bucknell University after his basic education was concluded. He became an entrepreneur at thirteen years of age.

Another business venue, he created later is known as “Spling.” On this site, the user can take a text-based website and turn it into a site of imagery. He then went on to create Magnises. McFarland is founder and CEO of the Magnises Company. The home-base of Magnises is New York City.