Copa Star Hospital Brings more relief in Rio

Following three years of development, the Hospital Copa Star was initiated in October of 2016 in the superb city. Situated in the southern zone of Rio , all the more particularly in Figueiredo Magalhães road, in Copacabana, the Rioians get another standard in the healing facility section.

The Copa Star Hospital joins qualified administration, solace, extravagance and advanced innovation. The structural outline looks like a five-star inn, however it is a piece of the idea that Rede D’Or São Luiz executes in its endeavors.

With 21 thousand square meters and seven stories, the Hospital Copa Star touches mechanical development and refinement. The Smart Hospitality framework permits the patient a level of self-rule that can not be knowledgeable about different healing facilities. Through a couple addresses the iPad made accessible to inpatients, it is conceivable to have a discussion with the specialist or to demand consideration from the medical caretakers. The innovation is likewise present in the mechanization of bed components. With the selective utilization of the Star Hospital the understudy can change the lighting of the room, open and close the shades and get to, together with his specialist, the exams.

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The speculation that surpassed R $ 400 million was begun in 2013. Jorge Moll – cardiologist, author and current leader of Rede D’Or São Luiz – remarked that the wander is an option for the cariocas that made the Rio/São Paulo to get benefit. “We have consolidated qualified care and very mind boggling surgeries in the Star Cup. Some time recently, for this sort of care, the patient expected to travel to Sao Paulo in the Lebanese Syrian and/or Albert Einstein. The Star Cup accommodates proficient staff with inn lodging. This is to help in recuperation. We make a domain that joins innovation with solace and human acknowledgment. It is a customized and select administration “.

Among the advancements of the Star Cup clinic, there is an appended region for the stream of stretchers and wellbeing experts . The halls of the building have a calm and inviting air. For this, the Network depended on an interior aromatization extend and 231 dynamic show-stoppers by the Japanese painter Yutaka Toyota. Visit their profile page on Facebook.


The Copa Star clinic group was prepared for two months with tests and different reenactments. Performing artists have translated conceivable crisis circumstances so that everything is arranged in detail. The Star Cup group comprises of more than 550 representatives, of whom 113 are specialists. Experts have been prepared from how to approach patients to what garments and cosmetics sort to utilize. Rede D’Or São Luiz arrangements to grow this new idea of healing facilities to other significant focuses in the nation. In the sights are as of now the urban areas of São Paulo and Brasília.