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Can Freedom Checks Provide Gains Of Up To 39,832%?

Freedom Checks, despite skeptics who are labeling them as scam or investors who misunderstood them as being issued by the United States government, are in reality coming from natural resource companies. Given that the internet is full of scams and get-rich-quick schemes that never pan out, the concept of Freedom Checks certainly raised some questions. Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

The concept was introduced by Matt Badiali, a geologist with a Bachelor of Science degree, received from Penn State University in 1992, in Geological and Earth Sciences. He also earned Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in 2002, and a Ph.D. from the University of Carolina in 2005, in Sedimentary Geology. His education led to him visiting an examining mines and oil wells, in countries such as Iraq, Singapore, Turkey, and many more.

Natural resource companies are expected to see an increase in profit in the next few years, and estimates state that this could result in a total of $34.6 billion in Freedom Check over the next year. Badiali’s analysis states that some of the companies are expected to receive gains of up to 39,832%. These dramatic numbers made people wary, but Freedom Checks are actually being issued to investors as a result of MLPs – or Master Limited Partnerships.

Learning about how Master Limited Partnerships operate is an important key. Currently, 568 companies are issuing checks to their investors and are considered ‘return of capital’, as opposed to income. As a result, they are received as tax-free. A business that is labeled as MLP distributes a minimum of 90% of the money earned to investors.

Freedom Checks are not handouts or a scheme to get rich overnight, which means research and commitment is necessary in order to turn a profit. Anyone can invest with as little as $10 and it is as easy as buying stocks, but zeroing in on the right opportunity is equally difficult. Matt Badiali publishes a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist, which can be of use to people who are trying to learn more about the concept of Freedom Check, or who want more analysis about where to invest next.

Learn more: https://moneymorning.com/2018/03/08/the-truth-about-freedom-checks-not-a-scam/



Fortress Investment Group CEO and Principal Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the top financial services executives who currently works at the firm Fortress Investment Group. He has worked at the firm for the last 15 years. Briger has contributed to the firm by helping it expand as well as maintaining its client base. Before he worked at Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked for the firm Goldman Sachs. At this firm where he provided sound leadership of the firm. Along with working in the financial sector, Peter is very active in the community. When he was working in New York City, he helped complete charitable projects with Central Park. While residing in San Francisco, Briger would help families who were in need of housing. Briger is also among the richest Americans according to Forbes magazine.

The educational background of Peter Briger is quite impressive. He attended Princeton University and completed a Bachelor’s degree. After graduating from Princeton, he would get a couple of years of work experience before going on to business school. Peter would later attend the University of Pennsylvania. While studying at this university, he completed a master’s degree at the top school known as the Wharton School of Business. His education in business would help him advance his career and get high level positions at a couple of the top investment firms.

Today, Peter Briger works at Fortress Investment Group where he is a part of the firm’s top level management. He is a member of the management committee as well as being the co chief executive officer and the principal. These two positions allow Peter to provide leadership and business strategy. He helps with setting goals, suggesting policies and also managing the firm’s credit securities division. With his leadership, Peter has been able to help Fortress Investment Group remain as one of the most reputable firms in industry.

Prior to working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger spent many years at Goldman Sachs. While working at Goldman Sachs he spent several years as a Partner beginning in 1996. At this firm, Peter would manage the credit division and help the firm with its presence and expansion in the Asian financial markets.

Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm Reveals Strong Opinions

Tweets can make the news. Controversy frequently leads to a well-known person’s social media page garnering attention. Sometimes, the tweets lead to apologies due to their shocking nature. Shervin Pishevar generated significant controversy when he launched a tweet storm covering a host of business and investing topics. Don’t look for any apologies from the tech entrepreneur. The man who put time, money, and effort into ventures such as Uber and Virgin’s Hyperloop One didn’t say anything that requires remorse. His pointed tweets attempted to raise awareness about the stock market, Bitcoin, the tech world, and other venues in which people put their money. Shervin Pishevar doesn’t want to see people put their time and capital into ventures that might not pay. His opinions might not be scientific facts, but the man’s professional background should lead many to take his 140-character words seriously.

Shervin Pishevar hasn’t created a Twitter account that solely seeks to generate awe. Many tweets present interesting human interest stories designed to show just how wonderful the world is. A recent tweet noted several mathematicians won the prestigious Fields Award. Another tweet touted the success of Virgin Hyperloop One as the venture now expands into Europe. The incredible tweet storm, however, is what drew significant media reports.

The tweet storm ran for a full 21 hours, which was more than enough to draw in people who aren’t regular followers of his Twitter account. Shervin Pishevar warns of a stock market drop in the 6,000 point range. He suggests that the decline in the value of Bitcoin isn’t over. Joining these opinions is the notion the bond market won’t remain stable. Problems with bonds could, per Pishervar’s tweets, could ripple through the markets. Such an assessment could prove frightening to some.

Pishevar does believe that the price of gold may rise amidst the shadow of Bitcoin woes, inflation, and stock weakness. Again, all these assessments reflect one man’s opinions. Regardless, the tweets are worth pondering. Thinking about possible scenarios does aid financial preparedness.


How Louis Chenevert Produced Results

Louis Chenevert Has had a very interesting career, to say the least. Starting as a manager for General Motors before becoming chief executive officer For United Technologies and Advising Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs.

Mr. Chenevert Was born in 1958 in Quebec Montreal, As a child he showed an interest and entrepreneurship and business That has never left him. he also demonstrated the work ethic and determination needed to succeed in business.

After earning a degree from HEC Montréal Business School at the University of Montréal with a major in production management Mr. Chenevert went to work for General Motors in Montreal. He was placed in charge of the General Motors production line and Montreal and quickly put the skills he learned while earning his degree to work.

After 14 years with General Motors, Mr. Chenevert felt in just time for a change and a colleague of his Karl Krapek Was making the job to the Aerospace industry and felt that Mr. Chenevert with his 14 years of assembly line management experience could be useful.

Mr. Chenevert Joined Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1993. Pratt & Whitney Canada along with Pratt & Whitney USA are business units of United Technologies Corporation. Pratt & Whitney Canada were Focusing on the production of smaller aircraft engines while Pratt & Whitney USA focused on the production of larger engines. Mr. Chenevert reduced production costs by 10% and shortened the production time from 2 years to 9 months, he was promoted the president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999.

As the president of Pratt & Whitney, Mr. Chenevert made numerous improvements that allowed the company to weather an economic downturn far better than many of their rivals. His actions did not go unnoticed buy parent company UTC. In 2006 Mr. Chenevert Was selected as Chairman of UTC and less than 2 years later he was named Chief Executive Officer after the retirement of the legendary George David. Mr. Chenevert retired from UTC in 2014 having delivered and 84% total return for company shareholders. Today he serves as a senior industry advisor for Goldman Sachs.


Freedom Checks: clearing up the confusion.

With a name like freedom checks, you would expect to see a federal program. However, these payments are not actually a federal program but instead referring to an investment strategy. These payouts are supported by a federal law known as statue 26 – F. This statue allows energy-related companies to send dividends to their investors. This investment is tax-free and requires these companies to send 90 cents of every dollar profit in order to qualify. This circumstance creates a unique opportunity for investors to and vests in energy tax-free. Currently, there are more than 550 energy companies taking advantage of this.

There’s been a lot of confusion regarding freedom checks and what they offer. There have even been misleading commercials over the airways regarding this strategy. These commercials make it seem like the strategy that they are referring to is some sort of government program that will allow citizens to receive large payments in the mail. After a quick Google search, you will find many different websites insisting that they are not a scam, unfortunately, many of these websites appear to be using stock photos in order to convince people that they are legitimate. What freedom checks are referring to is an investment strategy. So while they may not be a scam per se the wide sweeping hype is misleading. Watch this video at Youtube.

Companies that use the strategy are incredibly similar to how the stock market generally functions. The key difference between these companies and other companies is that these companies have to generate 90% of their revenue from natural resources in the United States and ultimately these companies have decided to instead of paying some of their profits in taxes to the government that they would instead reward their investors with larger dividends. Another source of confusion behind this strategy is that they create an expectation for larger dividends than most people will see. In order to receive larger dividends an investor would have to invest significantly more money. Ultimately Freedom checks refer to a marketing approach with some really misleading undertones.

Making money from MLPs is certainly possible however it is nowhere near as simple as these advertisements may make it seem. The advertisements in question would have people believe that all they would have to do to invest in the program would be to sign up online. Many people believe that by typing their name and email address into a subscription box online and they will be reaping the benefits soon enough. Check: https://affiliatedork.com/matt-badialis-freedom-checks-real


What are freedom checks?

Have you heard about Freedom Checks? If not you need to be more attentive to ads on your talk radio. There is an ad that has been running for the past few months voiced by Jack from Banyan Hill. This ad describes how people are making huge amounts of money through what they are calling Freedom Checks. There is a payout of $434.6 billion which is up for grabs by people who want to have a share of the check. Although it might be misconstrued for a government program, these checks have nothing to do with the government; they are from a privately run program.

Some people have described this ad as just another scam scheme meant to defraud the people. It is an ad that leaves a lot to be desired for. The ad is promising easy money, but we all know how hard it is to make some money in today’s’ world. One needs to invest time and resources to get any significant pay. So, freedom checks cannot promise to go against this well-known truth and give almost free money to the people. The biggest challenge with this program is that a lot is yet to be known about it. Are they really a scam as it has been purported by some people? Read this article at metropolismag.com.

By doing simple google search of the freedom Checks, you are met with mixed reactions. Some are supporting them while others are bashing them. Most of those supporting are simply people interested in making the program popular by encouraging more people to sign up. Banyan Hill is advertising this program like it is the best thing that ever happened to humanity. They are even referring it as “winning a lottery.” The main man behind the Freedom Check ad is Matt Badiali. There are other testimonials on their websites about people who have made huge amounts of money from the checks. There are allegedly people who have eared up to $160,000. The check used to advertise looks like a U.S treasury. Critics of this program say that the testimonials used in the videos are fake and that no real persons are being handed the checks.

Although freedom checks are not technically a scam, the ad has been criticized for overstretching the truth. But, anyway, that is the purpose of a good ad, you want it to make the people inquisitive and want to know what the thing is all about. These checks are not going to give you all the money by just signing up; you will need to work for the money. Visit: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/real-wealth-strategist/what-are-those-freedom-checks-being-teased-by-matt-badiali/

Stream Cares during Wake of Harvey

Stream Energy is a Dallas, Texas based energy company which also offers multiple other types of services. With a foot in the door of many markets, Stream Energy provides virtual doctors, VoIP, cell phone porting, and most of all it offers energy at a small portion of the normal fare at which it would cost most people in America. Stream Energy started their founding in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji after the Texas laws were deregulated and allowed a monopoly from traditional oil and gas means to be expanded. The company had great success and ventured out from the Texas Market into Illinois, Georgia, the Northeast, and more… but success in business is only one avenue of life.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August 17th of 2017, and went down as one of the costliest hurricanes in the history of the United States; It actually tied with Hurricane Katrina as the most costly at 125 billion dollars. Seeing the devastation and how that brought the homeless rate to 24 times the national average of 1% homelessness, Stream Energy decided to do something about this and created a philanthropic branch of their business named Stream Cares. Stream Cares teamed up with Hope Supply Company, which was founded in 1989. Hope Supply Company offers hope and smiles to homeless people in various ways. The way in which Stream Energy and Stream Cares carried out their mission of extending hope was by allowing hundreds of homeless kids to spend a day at Hawaiian Falls Waterpark where they received a packed lunch, a hat, a pair of sandals, and most importantly hope for the future. Stream Cares is here to stay and here to help the victims of hurricane Harvey and its devastation. For more information on Stream Cares and hope Supply Company, check out their website here.



Man with a Plan- Wes Edens

Born on October 30, 1961 in the United States of America, Wesley Edens is an American by nationality.He acquired a B.S. in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University in 1984. Wes Edens is a private equity investor and hedge fund manager and a businessman.The initial days of his career(to be precise, around 1987) was spent at Lehman Brothers where he was a partner and a managing director.In 1993, he then switched his gears towards BlackRock’s private equity division’s BlackRock Asset Investors where he worked till 1997.Finally in 1998,Wes Edens along with four other principal partners found Fortress Investments.In February 9,2007 Fortress was the first publicly traded buyout firm through initial public offering. By 2009, Fortress successfully sold 8% share to public for $6oo millions.

Later, in December 2006, Nomura Holdings (Japanese financial holding company) 15%of Fortress for $888 millions resulting in making Wes Edens and his partners paper billionaires. In 2009, he became the co-chairman of the board of directors of Fortress.He has had a great share of involvement in the acquirement of Springleaf Financial Services which eventually led Fortress to become a major stakeholder in Springleaf. Eden along with Marc Lasry have also bought the Bucks of Wisconsin from Herb Kohl for $540 million in 2014.This self made personality is anticipated to take home $54.4 million per year. His whooping take home pay includes $13.4 million from Fortress Investment Group as annual total compensation and around $41 million in dividends. He comes under the list of “Very High Earning Private Equity Executives” as well.

Fortress Investment Group of which Wes is the co-founder has happy and satisfied employees according to the various reviews of the company by many of its employees in various online websites.The company is explained as a fast pacing company which challenges its employees and at the same time recognizes the hard work that one is putting into the company. The company is dynamic in nature and encourages its people to move briskly with time.Even those who have worked there for a short period of time mention their time in the company being fruitful and worthwhile.People working there find their workplace having high energy and giving them that adrenaline rush towards their work.

Source of the article : http://www.industrialareasfoundation.org/topics/wes-edens

A Brief History: Fortress Financial Group

Founded in 1998, Fortress Finacial Group LLC became the first private equity firm traded on the public trade market in 2007. It oversees alternative assets like private equity, liquid hedge funds, and credit funds. As of 2016, it is home to over 2,500 employees and manages more than $70.1 billion in assets. Fortress Investment Group has become a significant player in its industries as it is composed of some of the most experienced financial professionals in the world. So much so, that in 2017 it was purchased by a prominent global player in technology and services.

One of Fortress Investments Group’s essential investments was that of Florida East Coast Industries, which is considered one of the oldest and largest real estate, transportation, and infrastructure holdings in Florida. Before their investment, it was not seen as a very successful holding and even referred to as an “underdog” player, but recently Fortress has worked hard to re-launch it as a separate entity. Though, they later divested itself to better focus on Brightline, a privately owned passenger line in Florida and the only one of its kind in the United States. They recently launched a line that does from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach. This service line is significant for the amount of traffic many Floridians deal with on a day-to-day basis when taking the local highway. In the month and years to come, there are plans to further connect the line to Orlando.

2009 saw Fortress Investments Group worked to fund the Vancouver Olympic Village in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics to take place in the city. It would come to contain 252 affordable house units and an additional 100 units for more modest tenants, and learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

In 2014, they were named “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” by Institutional Investors and later “Management Firm of the Year” by HFMWeek. Adding to their credit, they have accomplished a lot in the twenty years since their founding. Other notable investments is that of medical startup Theranos, where Fortress Investment group provided a loan of $100 million to save the new company from bankruptcy.

Most notably, that global player who purchased them in 2017 was Softbank Group, which acquired them for $3.3 billion and absorbed them as a subsidiary. This purchase allowed for Fortress Investment Group to continue their excellent work while also bolstering Softbank’s expertise in investments. Considered by many as an odd purchase from the start, if one were to look beyond the surface, it is all too apparent that this sale was a smart buy for Softbank. It has allowed them to become a significant player in investment virtually overnight and aligns them with their long-term goal of investing more in the United States and elsewhere, and their Linkedin.

The last twenty years prove how might Fortress Investment Group has become, and why it is essential to keep an eye on them. As part of Softbank Group, it will be interesting to see where they go from here, but only time will tell now, and https://www.indeed.com/q-Fortress-Investment-Group-jobs.html.

George Soros, a Philanthropist beyond Measure

George Soros hails from Budapest in Hungary. Born in 1930, he emigrated to England in 1947 and attended the London School of Economics for his undergraduate studies. Further, he possesses a masters degree in philosophy. Before starting up his first hedge fund, the 87 years, old business magnate had a humble beginning as an employee at merchant banks not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States of America. Over the years, he has succeeded as an investor, a philanthropist, and a writer.

Forbes recognizes him as one of the most successful investors across the globe. His net worth is $8 billion. Recently, this billionaire hedge fund manager donated $18 billion to Open Society Foundations. This was marked as the biggest transfer of wealth made by a private donor to a single foundation. Open Society was founded three decades ago by George Soros. It advances democracy and human rights in more than 120 countries, paying specific intention to the USA, heavily investing in endeavors to protect gays and lesbians and reduce brutality by police.

Soros transfer of $18 billion brought his lifetime contributions to $32 billion. Earlier, Soros had donated $5. These combined donation has catapulted Open Society to be one of the most prominent foundations globally. The donation positions the humanitarian organization in the third place after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Welcome Trust. The $18 bn donations were transferred over a couple of years, and follow his Twitter.

Such donations and steadfast commitment to promoting democracy, a cause of refugees as well as liberal world order, in my opinion, can be attributed to his dark days as a teen Jewish refugee who narrowly escaped persecution by the Nazi. On a political front, the pro-democracy activist has pledged to advance $2 million as a political donation to progressive groups. He has previously supported Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.


Also, he has given financial support to other Democrats contesting for legislative seats.

The outspoken critique of the conservatives posits that they need to be held accountable for promoting flawed policies. The bigtime donor for liberal groups has promised to give out $ 1 million to American votes, an agency that aids in the coordination of campaign logistics for progressive groups in the USA, and learn more about George Soros.

Apart from this promises, the business magnate has a track record of philanthropy to a political course, for instance, in last year, he donated $100,000 to Majority PAC, $75, 000 to House Majority. Soros philanthropy is not limited to USA bit extends across the globe. In Kenya for example, his Open Society Foundation is a significant funder of political activities in Kenya. He is a funder of Africa Center for Open Governance (Africog) and Kenyans for Peace Truth and Justice.

On a social front, Soros has donated about $75 million to Millennium Promise, and Millenium Villages Projects successfully alleviating extreme poverty. These funds promoted education, health sector, enterprise development, and access to basic needs.

Going forward, Soro’s unwavering commitment to human rights and democracy will edge him to intensively and extensively expand his excellent course of philanthropy partly due to the wake of the Muslim spring, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.