Solvy Helps to solve the student math problem

Just when you think you have Alexei Beltyukov figured out, the entrepreneurial doctor turns a new corner and creates a new company. Serial entrepreneur Beltyukov began his career as a doctor, but soon returned to school, topping off his medical degree with an Master of Business Administration from INSEAD Business School.

His MBA provided the knowledge while his creativity led him to found four companies: Endemic Capital, A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies and Mechanicus. The most recently founded business, Endemic Capital provides angel funding to Russian start-ups.

After so many successful ventures of his own, it makes sense that he’d share his knowledge with other companies. Last year, he joined the California firm Solvy as Chief Operating Officer. After lending his talents to burgeoning businesses and funding college scholarships, Alexei Beltyukov turned to helping high school students. The software Solvy makes math more accessible to students. The app lets students solve equations, read tables and graphs, and solve word problems with instant feedback to enhance learning.

Solvy helps teachers, too. It generates automated homework assignments and quizzes based on student performance parameters. This lets teachers give each student custom assignments that help them shore up their weaknesses while mastering their strengths. Since Solvy automatically grades the work, these custom assignments create no extra work for the teacher.

“The goal is for Solvy to become a household name in high school math education,” Alexei Beltyukov said in a press release. “We want to make it easier for teachers to understand and manage their students progress and offer them feedback when outside of the classroom.”

Beltyukov believes firmly in the importance of education. He assisted in the establishment of the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD to provide financial support to Russian students attending INSEAD University. He also believes in providing opportunity to those wanting to help build the Russian economy.

He serves as the Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation, providing economic guidance and support.