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Jay Z and OG Juan Know How to Party

What if I told you about a birthday bash that racked up a bill of nearly $100,000— would you wish you’d participated or recoil for distaste of lavish extravagance? And what if that bill was part of an ingenious marketing expense?

That party happened. It was for Juan “OG” Perez, a man on a mission with impressive entrepreneurial accomplishments.

OG Juan is president of Roc Nation Sports, a sub-division of Roc Nation; the world’s preeminent entertainment company that’s redefining the business of entertainment. OG Juan is part of a team of execs that includes his wife Desiree and Shawn “Jay Z” Carter; founder of Roc Nation, who also hosted the celebration. OG Juan and Desiree have run Jay’s business operations for over twenty years. The three of them are not only business partners but dear friends.

Jay Z and OG Juan met in 96 and formed an instant bond. They started their business adventures opening sports bars and lounges, including the 40/40 Club; a hub for sports celebrities that catalyzed their future brand in sports. Where Roc Nation advocated artists in the music industry, Roc Nation Sports sought to support athletes in the same way.

Jay Z, an avid sports fan, noted the economic plight of athletes following the closure of their contracts and developed the notion to further their careers by offering the kinds of deals usually reserved for entertainers.

Between artists and athletes, Roc Nation’s mission has been an awesome success and OG Juan’s celebration added to their accomplishments. The bulk of that birthday bill was spent on “D’usse’” and “Ace of Spades,” Jay’s own brands of cognac and champagne and the storm of tweets in response to the bill was awesome free marketing!

Advertising Industry- Jose Henrique Borghi

With the advancement of technology, the advertisement industry has been expanding over the years. The Brazilian Advertising has not been left behind with big minds being in the forefront of making changes as well as bringing new ideas in the sector. Brazil is among the nations that are recognized in the world for their best advertisement s as well as hosting remarkable advertising agencies across the world. Among the reputable advertisement, firms are Mullen Lowe Brasil. The firm is among the unique companies in the country and it is respected for their creativity of producing advertisements which are not only recognized in Brazil but also internationally and more information click here.

Mullen Lowe Brasil was founded in 2012. The Ad Agency is a partnership between two agencies which include Lowe Multinational and National Borghierh Creative Intelligence. Later in the year 2015, the advertisement group merged with another big ad firm in the United States of America; Mullen Advertising Agency changing its name to Mullen Lowe Brasil. The company has had the most devoted, focused and experienced leaders who have seen the transition of the organization as well as its expansion to one of the most recognized advertisement agencies in the world.

The accomplishment of Mullen Lowe Brasil could not be a success without the leadership of Jose Henrique Borghi. Jose is the Chief Executive officer of the advertising agency. Mr. Jose can be described as a guru in the advertisement industry not only in Brazil but internationally as well. His experience runs for more than 25 years designing advertisement s which have remained in the minds of people all over the world including; the mammal of Parmalat and for sazon. Jose Henrique began his career at Standard Ogilvy immediately he completed his University at Pontifical Catholic University. At the company, he gained skills and experience in public advertisement and marketing. He served in other companies before establishing BorghiErh Creative Intelligence in 2002. Jose is a leader who has been recognized and awarded for several events and Jose’s Website.

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Hussain Sajwani’s Influence in the Development of Dubai

Hussain Sajwani, a citizen of the United Arabs Emirates, was born in 1956. Hussain Sajwani is the Chairman and the founder of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is a global property development company. Hussain also owns shares in the DICO Investments Company.

Hussain Sajwani’s career and education history are incredible. He went to Washington University. Hussain attained a BSc in economics and industrial engineering. Immediately after studies, Hussain began work at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He served as the contracts manager. In 1982, Sajwani started a catering venture, Draieh Management Services. After a decade, Hussain was still operational. He established an investment company known as Twilight Invest. Additionally, in the middle of the year 1990, Hussain built four hotels in Dubai’s former business district, Deira.

Later in 2002, Hussain Sajwani started his property company, Damac Properties. Hussain first studied his country, Dubai, and saw a business opportunity. Mr. Sajwani took advantage of the government of Dubai’s decree that permitted foreigners to own properties in the Emirates. He pictured the non-emirates as the buyers of apartments. After putting himself together, Sajwani went ahead and purchased a land.

In less than six months, Sajwani managed to sell some units in his 38-story building. After that, Mr. Sajwani commenced his construction plans. Since then, Dubai city has been recognized as a glittering destination courtesy of Sajwani’s work. His work has also been attached to working with successful individuals. Damac Properties led by Sajwani teamed up with Donald Trump long before Donald Trump became the president. Hussain Sajwani family and that of Trump relate well.

In his partnership with Donald Trump, Hussain has managed to develop golf courses that are Trump-branded. In February 2017, Hussain together with Trump opened The Trump International Golf Courses Dubai. By the end of 2018, the Trump World Golf Course, designed by Tiger Woods, is intended to be opened.

Hussain Sajwani is not only an intelligent individual but also a philanthropist. He has overtime extended his company’s authority, Damac Properties, for charitable occasions. Hussain Sajwani supplied two million Arab Emirate Dollars devoted to helping children. His philanthropic decisions are the meant to ensure that all poor and street children are clothed and kept warm. Mr. Hussain Sajwani, the Damac owner, is a kind and generous individual.


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JHFS: The Real Estate Company Led By Jos Auriemo Neto

JHFS is a real estate company based out of Brazil that offers some of the most high end solutions to their customers. The company has been at the top of the sector since the very beginning and continues to shine in the field of real estate. The company has always held that good service is everything when it comes to customers and therefore has always strived to gauge their customers interest perfectly to give them something that they would absolutely want. The company has provided real estate solutions to a long list of clientele, ranging from company owners to private homeowners. By diversifying the projects that they undertake, they have amassed a huge profit share, making it big in the world of real estate. JHFS is family run company, and their current leader Jos Auriemo Neto is the third generation of real estate developers. Jos Auriemo Neto is one of the major factors that has contributed to the success of the real estate firm. Being in the business for as long as they have, the company has always had to update themselves to fit the current industry standards. Recently, the Brazilian economy has been doing extremely well owing to favorable market conditions. Taking advantage of this new situation, Jos Auriemo Neto reformed the company’s framework to meet with the times and continue to hold its high status in the industry.

Jos Auriemo Neto is the current Chairman of JHFS and the reason for the company’s growth and development. Because the company is constantly being taken over by the new generation of the family, it has always experienced a constantly growth curve, which only rises with each passing year. JHFS has been part of some of the biggest real estate projects in Brazil. The buildings that the company has constructed are known to be landmarks of their areas and learn more about Auriemo.

Jos Auriemo Neto is known to be an excellent leader to JHFS owing to his extremely beneficial leadership. He is also someone who possess an extremely high amount of knowledge about the field of real estate, which is why he has emerged to be such a big leader in the field and Auriemo’s lacrosse camp.

More visit: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/JHSF_Participa%C3%A7%C3%B5es

Why OSI Group Is The Winner Of The 2016 Globe Of Honour By The British Safety Council

OSI Group is a company with vast food processing capabilities that recently won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council award. The Group has the experience and creativity to produce and invent all the customized specialties that you might crave. You can rely on OSI to provide you with sumptuous desserts, snacks, appetizers, entrees, side dishes, breakfasts, and lunches at affordable prices that match your pocket size.

The food manufacturer with vast experience in producing mouth-watering delicacies for your palette is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. It was formerly known as OSI Industries which was founded in 1909. With such a long history in food production, the company is highly styled in matters of favorite cuisine. The name changed was made in 2004 due to its rapid expansion. No other food company in the U.S.A. produces such protein-enriched and value-added foods like OSI. It manufactures and prepares a wide variety of products for retail brands and other food services.

Recently, the OSI Group went into a frenzied expansion drive by buying major food producers like Baho Food, Flagship Europe, and Tyson Food Plant, effectively making it one of America’s leading 100 Food Organizations. Today, it is leading in the world in the provision of custom solutions, and healthy products for the food industry. The range of the goods it manufactures include breakfast sausages, pork products, hot dogs, bacon, cooked beef, pizza, chicken products, smoked and kettle products, dough based treats, frozen, cooked and fresh beef patties, and sandwich assemblies.

To promote healthy eating habits, OSI Group also provides a variety of fruits, vegetables, and seafood. It has established facilities for manufacturing in Europe, the Asia-Pacific zones, and the America’s. Every type of food the company manufactures is produced to order to match every customer’s operational needs, different specifications, and precise demand.

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John Goullet: A Model for Entrepreneurs

America’s renowned IT guru John Goullet, is one of the most respected personalities in the industry. He began his career in IT consultancy, though with years, he changed it to focus on it solutions in staffing sectors. With the little experience he had gathered, he began Info Technologies, a company that was dedicated to providing solutions to companies throughout the world. Info Technologies was famously known for offering IT solutions to Fortune companies, which was a great avenue for the growth and development of the company.

Being the chief executive officer did not hinder him from interacting with clients and his subordinates. In fact, he used this as a platform for him to share and come up with various solutions. Through sharing information, he was able to create a multi-million dollar company from the ground. His leadership traits and skills were recognized by the Inc Magazine as one of the best private companies in management and what John knows.

Using his management style and a deep understanding of his clients’ needs, he has steered Info Technologies into an award winning company. He has introduced a Confident Retirement Approach, a technique that he encourages hic clients to adopt so as to maximize their financial gains. His extensive knowledge regarding financial markets has made him a trusted adviser in the country and across the world and John on Facebook.

John Goullet is a visionary leader who looks at the bigger picture. Using his analytical skills, he realized that by merging Info Technologies with an equally ambitious and visionary leader, Gene C, the two companies would succeed as DIVERSANT LLC. As the current principal of Diversant, John is in charge of the operations and ensures that the strategic plans are adhered to. Under his guidance, he has helped Diversant with their Fortune 500 clients and developing an innovative team in the company to come up with creative solutions for their clients.

John Goullet is not only an extraordinary leader, but also a inspiration to his subordinates. He works closely with his staff, motivating and pushing them to reach their utmost potential. With his team, he has been able to lead Diversant LLC through rough economic times.

More visit: http://noanimalsleft.org/diversant-principal-john-goullet/

Starting a Business

If you want to start a business, there are plenty of ways for you to do that. Over time, Eric Lefkofsky has proven that he understands how to help others in this area. Not only has he started a variety of successful companies, but he has invested in the lives of other people during that process as well. That is what being a good business owner is all about. Even if you feel like there is a chance you can fail, you have to keep working hard to provide value and service to others. Over the years, Eric Lefkofsky has slowly expanded his companies to the point where they are today. This methodical approach may not be exciting, but it is one of the most important things that anyone can do.

Eric Lefkofsky
WHen Eric Lefkofsky first started a company, things were not as easy. However, he never stopped working towards what he wanted to accomplish. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that he is making to the business. If you want to invest with someone who is going to make an impact in the community, Eric Lefkofsky is that person. He has always wanted to help other people through his work. This is one of the things that really sets him apart from others. If you are ready to start building a business you need to develop a financial plan that makes sense for the long term.

When it comes to starting a business, many people need the additional help of financing to get the capital needed to start a company. Over the long term, this is one of the most important things that you can do to get your business to the next level. There are many people who are excited about all of the financing options that are available in business today. Unlike in years past, financing is not as complicated as it used to be. Eric Lefkofsky has used this to his advantage many times. However, you need to make sure you have a plan to pay off the debt in your business. If not, you could end up with a financial disaster on your hands and contact him.

Overall, Eric Lefkofsky is a great example of how to succeed in business. He believes in accelerated disruption and he is constantly investing in new technology to drive value for others.

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How Roberto Santiago Has Reshaped and Brought Leisure to Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is a decorated entrepreneur and investor in Brazil. He is the founder of the Manaira mall and Mangeira shopping mall. The 58-year-old started his entrepreneurship career at Café Santa Rosa. He later founded an innovative firm that created decorative and utilitarian objects. He is regarded one of the most prosperous and intelligent businesspeople in Brazil. Apart from entrepreneurship, Roberto Santiago is also a sportsperson. He has been a kart and motocross champion.

Roberto Santiago attended a traditional institute, Pio X-Marist College. He later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Having served in the decoration and utilitarian firm, Santiago gained lots of experience that enabled him to launch Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall. The mall, which is the largest in Joao Pessoa, has an extensive array of leisure, fun and comfort facilities for the customers.

The State of the Art Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

The mall has been receiving headlines for its spectacular outlook. The mall offers breathtaking beaches, rich cuisine, unmatched sunset views and excellent hospitality. The mall is highly recognized for the fun and entertainment if offers. Individuals who visit the mall describe the experience as comfortable, joyful and calm. Read more on blogdogordinho.com

Domus Hall

The Domus Hall in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the largest and beautiful concert halls in Joao Pessoa. The facility is air-conditioned and fitted with modern acoustic sound equipment, and it holds cultural events, concerts, art fairs, and festivals. It can host 4,000 seated people and over 10,000 standing individuals. Since the launch of the Domus Hall in 2009, it has attracted a significant number of artists and great song composers. The Hall also offers a space for activities such as weddings, graduation, presentations, fairs and private events.

Gastronome Space

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has a gourmet space, which offers a perfect for people who enjoy having peaceful moments with their families. Space has steak and hamburger centers, which serve delicious meals. Additionally, the gastronome space has a food court that offers diverse food tastes.

Fun and Entertainment

Manaira Shopping Mall has a movie theater, where individuals watch the latest releases. The movie theater is designed with 3D features. Moreover, the mall presents an electronically powered amusement park with different game stations and other games including bowling alleys.


If you are looking for a facility where you can have fun, and spend your weekend joyfully, Manaira Shopping Mall will offer you all that you need. Visiting Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall does not only bring out a shopping experience but also a full cultural experience. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

Capital Group’s Newly Elected Chairman and Partnership with Samsung Asset Management

Capital Group was launched in Los Angeles in 1931. Over the years, the company has become one of the oldest and leading investment firms across the globe. It is famous for its long-term focus on the investment solutions it offers, and its presence in more than 20 cities including Sydney, Tokyo, and London.

Capital Group gained a new chairman, Timothy Armour in July 2015. The change in the company’s leadership was part of a larger succession plan that had been ongoing for a couple of years but was accelerated when Capital’s former chairman, Jim Rothenberg, passed on. Rothenberg had been working at the company since 1970 and significantly contributed towards its worldwide expansion. While expressing the depth of their grieve following the death of Jim, Tim described Jim as a friend, colleague, and a purposeful leader who was good at taking decisive actions that catered for the long-term interests of the Group’s clients, associates, and investors.

Timothy Armour is also the chairman, director and the principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company that is a part of the Capital Group. He also chairs the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. His election as the chairman of Capital Group was made public on July 28, 2015. With the support of the other senior members of the Group, Timothy Armour plays the roles of setting, communicating, implementing overall business strategies, and overseeing the operations of Capital Group.

The Los Angeles-based investment professional graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College, LA. He has earned his 32 years of experience in investment matters with Capital Group. Timothy Armour first joined Capital Group in 1983 as a participant in The Associates Program.

Four months after Timothy Armour took up the chairmanship, Capital Group and SAM announced their new partnership. The Seoul-based company is the leading asset manager in Korea managing assets worth more than US$165.7 billion. Timothy Armour explained that the broader plan of the partnership is to co-design investment solutions with the capacity to meet the savings, retirement and insurance needs of the Korean investors. He added that the solutions offered via the partnership would be based on the Group’s unique and proven technique (The Capital System), and its philosophy that seek to ruin the company’s operations and objectives with long-term investors.

Nationwide Title Clearing Made Property Reports Easy

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. responded to issues regarding title defects by making all property reports accessible through online ordering. According to NTC executives, property records are the key to ensuring a smooth title conveyance as well as reducing the risk of buyback or even inability to foreclose. The firm recently launched a restructured website which makes property reports readily available on the internet. While most title defects commonly occur when a person or an organization lays claim to a property that is owned by other parties, they can also include various factors that would make the title invalid. These issues may include;

  • Simple issues concerning wording in the document that may not be complying with the local real estate standards
  • Failure to put the signature of a party that is mandatory in the transaction, such as a spouse or a co-owner;
  • Previous claims as well as other encumbrances that have not been removed: The title should be free from encumbrances so as to be marketable.
  • Failure to adhere to recording and filing procedures while recording the real estate documents.


According to NTC Chief Executive Officer John Hillman, due to these reasons, addressing most title defects before the property is sold or even transferred is critical. In a bid to assist the evolving mortgage sector, NTC made the following property reports available through online ordering:

  • Assignment Verification Report Services
  • Ownership & Encumbrance Report
  • Tax Status Report
  • Tax Status Report


About Nationwide Title Clearing

Headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida and started in 1991, NTC is a leading privately-owned research as well as document processing firm in the residential mortgage industry. It services to mortgage lenders, servicers as well as investors among them eight of the top 10 residential mortgage firms in the US. NTC is renowned for delivering the utmost level of accuracy in research and quality document processing services that set the industry standard. It does that while protecting homeowners, helping the mortgage banking sector and preserving the US land records.

The firm’s land records and document gurus can track and meet all the county document requirements in various recording jurisdictions Countrywide, which are around to 3600 different jurisdictions.


NTC specializes in offering land records research, property reports, assignment services, lien release services, final document tracking, document retrieval as well as other custom business services.

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