What is Oncotarget?

The field of oncology is broad, and there are millions of published journals about the topic. It’s not always easy for researchers and students to find the correct piece of data and information they are searching for. What that does is that it slows down progress. It would have been much easier had the researchers been on the same page as opposed to them working with their own assumptions.

Two academics, Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny, saw a lucrative opportunity in this shortfall. They decided to come up with Oncotarget. This would be a resource medical research information portal with a free commons license permit. The central area of medicine covered on the website would be on proposed treatments, vaccines and the latest research study findings on the race for the cure to cancer.

Using the Oncotarget Site

The resource hub, Oncotarget became an instant hit especially with both leading oncology researchers and medical students. In a matter of months, the traffic to the site had continued to grow steadily by astonishing leaps and bounds. A casual visit to the website reveals just how intuitive the designers must have been. Well, for starters, everything you need is in plain sight. There are ‘Search’ functions boxes to use when looking up particular research papers. The Indexing of the journals is done to meet international standards and therefore, it is very easy to follow through with the background content behind the particular oncology findings. Read more about Oncotarget at Bioxbio.

Meet the Editors

The hand-picked editorial team working at Oncotarget is an exceptional bunch. They are all masters when it comes to picking up errors and flaws in medical writings. So far, the editors have produced well over two dozen papers which have gone ahead to be accepted by their peers upon reviewing. The four writers who started the firm back in 2013 shared the prestigious, Breakthrough Prize for their extraordinary accomplishments.

Learn more: http://www.impactjournals.com/oncotarget/index.php?journal=oncotarget

Check out Oncotargets’ site and pore over the enlightening interviews with the top-rated authors on this platform. If you are an aspiring medical writer, then there ought to be tons of nifty and witty ideas you can pick up to give your pursuits a sure boost. Subscribe and get the latest stories sent straight to your personal email address. Researchers have no option but to bookmark the site. On top of it all. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.