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Stream Cares during Wake of Harvey

Stream Energy is a Dallas, Texas based energy company which also offers multiple other types of services. With a foot in the door of many markets, Stream Energy provides virtual doctors, VoIP, cell phone porting, and most of all it offers energy at a small portion of the normal fare at which it would cost most people in America. Stream Energy started their founding in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji after the Texas laws were deregulated and allowed a monopoly from traditional oil and gas means to be expanded. The company had great success and ventured out from the Texas Market into Illinois, Georgia, the Northeast, and more… but success in business is only one avenue of life.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August 17th of 2017, and went down as one of the costliest hurricanes in the history of the United States; It actually tied with Hurricane Katrina as the most costly at 125 billion dollars. Seeing the devastation and how that brought the homeless rate to 24 times the national average of 1% homelessness, Stream Energy decided to do something about this and created a philanthropic branch of their business named Stream Cares. Stream Cares teamed up with Hope Supply Company, which was founded in 1989. Hope Supply Company offers hope and smiles to homeless people in various ways. The way in which Stream Energy and Stream Cares carried out their mission of extending hope was by allowing hundreds of homeless kids to spend a day at Hawaiian Falls Waterpark where they received a packed lunch, a hat, a pair of sandals, and most importantly hope for the future. Stream Cares is here to stay and here to help the victims of hurricane Harvey and its devastation. For more information on Stream Cares and hope Supply Company, check out their website here.



The Fagali’l Airport – Experiencing the Pleasures of Samoan Culture

     Although the Fagali’l airport is one of the smallest airports that you would ever experience, the hair of its employees is consistently on fire, as the airport brings in many, many flights of visitors itching to experience the beauty of the Samoan culture of Apia and Surrounding areas.

As the Apia culture has built their city up to an extremely fun and grand territory of opportunity, visitors are steadily bringing home memories unmatched by any other vacation they’ve ever had the pleasure of going on. The Samoan people have always been a target of discussion. It’s hands on crafts and furniture making, dancing, music, their foods and especially their personality has been phenomenal to visitors, remarkable occurrences that have motivated many families to return yet again for more vacationing.

Beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, jungles, museums and more. Scuba diving, swimming with the fishes, surfing, rock sliding, specie discovering, sightseeing, shopping and of course, much more! There is no place like a place ran by Samoans and you’ll understand why when you’ve experienced their presence first-hand. Take a weekend trip, a week long trip, a bi-monthly trip, a monthly trip a yearly trip or move on in forever, if you will. The Samoan culture within Apia is indeed a culture of great people with great opportunities.

And who does not like to eat? We pretty much all do. Some of the best tasting foods in the world comes right from Apia. Check out these few Apia restaurants when you visit and please rate them based on your honest opinion when you get the chance: Paddles restaurant, Scalinis restaurant, Nourish Cafe, Pacific Jewel’s Garden Cafe, Bistro Tatau and Home Cafe. There are of course many others indeed, but try not to leave Apia without trying at least one of these restaurants. You can thank me later!

So, mate, what are you waiting for? The Samoan community welcomes you with open arms and all you have to do is book your flight on in to the Fagali’l airport and the rest is history. Deals are available as if you really need them, flights to Apia can be some of the cheapest flights in its category. Good day mate!

Rocketship Education Changes School Policy

Charter schools are becoming more popular than ever before. Many people worry about getting the best possible education for their children. Rocketship Education is a charter school in California. The school is so popular that there is a massive waiting list for students.

There are multiple reasons that the public education system is failing students. Not only are many school systems short of funding, but few people want to become teachers. Teaching is not a lucrative career, and few people want to put in the hours required to be a successful teacher.

Private Education

In many areas, the public school system is so bad that parents send their children to private school. Private school is expensive, and few people can afford to send their children to private schools. The cost of private school is exceptionally high for people who have multiple children.

Teacher Ratio

One of the most critical aspects of running a school is the ratio between teachers and students. With fewer teachers, students receive a less personal education. Rocketship Education is different from public schools because the teacher to student ratio is so low. Rocketship Education pays the teachers a high salary, and the best teachers in the state want to work at the school. Higher teacher pay is a model that many schools may consider in the future.

Future Plans

Rocketship Education has more students than the school can handle. The school is expanding, and some people think that Rocketship Education may purchase additional buildings to improve the school even more. New classes are added each year to enhance the curriculum that students receive.

Anyone who is concerned about their child’s education should consider a charter school. Even though charter schools are challenging to get accepted to, they are a great way to offer a child quality education. Charter schools are also much less expensive than private schools.

Man with a Plan- Wes Edens

Born on October 30, 1961 in the United States of America, Wesley Edens is an American by nationality.He acquired a B.S. in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University in 1984. Wes Edens is a private equity investor and hedge fund manager and a businessman.The initial days of his career(to be precise, around 1987) was spent at Lehman Brothers where he was a partner and a managing director.In 1993, he then switched his gears towards BlackRock’s private equity division’s BlackRock Asset Investors where he worked till 1997.Finally in 1998,Wes Edens along with four other principal partners found Fortress Investments.In February 9,2007 Fortress was the first publicly traded buyout firm through initial public offering. By 2009, Fortress successfully sold 8% share to public for $6oo millions.

Later, in December 2006, Nomura Holdings (Japanese financial holding company) 15%of Fortress for $888 millions resulting in making Wes Edens and his partners paper billionaires. In 2009, he became the co-chairman of the board of directors of Fortress.He has had a great share of involvement in the acquirement of Springleaf Financial Services which eventually led Fortress to become a major stakeholder in Springleaf. Eden along with Marc Lasry have also bought the Bucks of Wisconsin from Herb Kohl for $540 million in 2014.This self made personality is anticipated to take home $54.4 million per year. His whooping take home pay includes $13.4 million from Fortress Investment Group as annual total compensation and around $41 million in dividends. He comes under the list of “Very High Earning Private Equity Executives” as well.

Fortress Investment Group of which Wes is the co-founder has happy and satisfied employees according to the various reviews of the company by many of its employees in various online websites.The company is explained as a fast pacing company which challenges its employees and at the same time recognizes the hard work that one is putting into the company. The company is dynamic in nature and encourages its people to move briskly with time.Even those who have worked there for a short period of time mention their time in the company being fruitful and worthwhile.People working there find their workplace having high energy and giving them that adrenaline rush towards their work.

Source of the article : http://www.industrialareasfoundation.org/topics/wes-edens

A Brief History: Fortress Financial Group

Founded in 1998, Fortress Finacial Group LLC became the first private equity firm traded on the public trade market in 2007. It oversees alternative assets like private equity, liquid hedge funds, and credit funds. As of 2016, it is home to over 2,500 employees and manages more than $70.1 billion in assets. Fortress Investment Group has become a significant player in its industries as it is composed of some of the most experienced financial professionals in the world. So much so, that in 2017 it was purchased by a prominent global player in technology and services.

One of Fortress Investments Group’s essential investments was that of Florida East Coast Industries, which is considered one of the oldest and largest real estate, transportation, and infrastructure holdings in Florida. Before their investment, it was not seen as a very successful holding and even referred to as an “underdog” player, but recently Fortress has worked hard to re-launch it as a separate entity. Though, they later divested itself to better focus on Brightline, a privately owned passenger line in Florida and the only one of its kind in the United States. They recently launched a line that does from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach. This service line is significant for the amount of traffic many Floridians deal with on a day-to-day basis when taking the local highway. In the month and years to come, there are plans to further connect the line to Orlando.

2009 saw Fortress Investments Group worked to fund the Vancouver Olympic Village in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics to take place in the city. It would come to contain 252 affordable house units and an additional 100 units for more modest tenants, and learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

In 2014, they were named “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” by Institutional Investors and later “Management Firm of the Year” by HFMWeek. Adding to their credit, they have accomplished a lot in the twenty years since their founding. Other notable investments is that of medical startup Theranos, where Fortress Investment group provided a loan of $100 million to save the new company from bankruptcy.

Most notably, that global player who purchased them in 2017 was Softbank Group, which acquired them for $3.3 billion and absorbed them as a subsidiary. This purchase allowed for Fortress Investment Group to continue their excellent work while also bolstering Softbank’s expertise in investments. Considered by many as an odd purchase from the start, if one were to look beyond the surface, it is all too apparent that this sale was a smart buy for Softbank. It has allowed them to become a significant player in investment virtually overnight and aligns them with their long-term goal of investing more in the United States and elsewhere, and their Linkedin.

The last twenty years prove how might Fortress Investment Group has become, and why it is essential to keep an eye on them. As part of Softbank Group, it will be interesting to see where they go from here, but only time will tell now, and https://www.indeed.com/q-Fortress-Investment-Group-jobs.html.