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Samoa And Their Airport Known As Fagali’I Airport

If you’re planning to travel into or out of Samoa, you will have heard of the area’s most popular airport known as the Fagali’I Airport. The Fagali’I Airport has been around for several decades, but it was once owned by federal government agencies for government and military purposes. After being sold to Polynesian Airlines, the airport has been totally revamped and is now open to the general public. It offers two separate airlines to make traveling locally and internationally easy, convenient and inexpensive. Polynesian Airlines has been the proprietary owner of Fagali’I Airport for well over a decade now.

According to wikipedia.org the Fagali’I Airport has a range of amenities and features that travelers can take advantage of while there. From a beautiful and highly-rated restaurant to an inexpensive and convenient gift shop, travelers can waste time easily while waiting for their flights and change-overs. Because of the work that has been put into the renovations of the Fagali’I Airport, people are finding this option to be superior to many other airports within the area. Plus, the Fagali’I Airport offers the only international airline within Samoa, so it is a must for travelers who are going to be visiting other countries.

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Thousands of people are proud to work within the Fagali’I Airport each and every day in order to keep the airport running as smoothly as possible. According to youtube.com, booking a flight through the Fagali’I Airport is easy, convenient and inexpensive. You can either choose to book a flight online by visiting their website or by going to the local airport and purchasing a ticket. The beauty about the Fagali’I Airport is that while it is incredibly popular, getting a flight is easy and quick. There have been plans made to expand the Fagali’I Airport in the future, and while these plans are not yet set in stone, it is important to realize that the Fagali’I Airport is doing everything that they can to ensure that their customers have a great experience no matter where they would like to travel. The airport is perfect for both locals and those who are living in other countries and visiting the area.

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Malcolm Casselle, Cryptocurrency, and Gaming

Malcolm Casselle has always had an interest in digital technology from his beginnings at MIT, to his current position as President of WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange). As a very knowledgeable student of the market, he has found success in every avenue where technology and digital opportunity is in play. Holding a Computer Science degree from MIT as well as Stanford is a plus, as he has been involved in many companies since his beginning with NetNoir in 1995.

Currently his role as President of WAX, Malcolm oversees many aspects of the companies growth and it has became the leader in digital trading and currency in gaming. Not long ago, online gaming transactions were simply an idea as there was no real product that utilized this effort. As soon as online gaming became popular, the influx of users caused the market to grow exponentially.

WAX issues tokens to users who purchase them on site, and these can be used for digital trade. Anyone can access the platform, and with it being worldwide many can expect to reach wherever they choose. WAX has streamlined many processes with the addition of the WAX tokens, and one important change is the fact you can do it all without leaving your screen, and Twitter.com.

The company is decentralized and that means high processing fees, currency conversion rates, and limited access will be a thing of the past. Malcolm Casselle sees the gaming industry as the spark to ignite cryptocurrency and feels as though it will bring it to many who have not yet participated in the movement. Some see it as a shift, but those in the know understand that it is clearly the future, and learn more about Malcolm Casselle.

No longer will you have to pay high processing fees, or use your debit card to purchase in game content. With Malcolm Casselle spearheading the movement, the future is now. It’s as simple as going to the website and purchasing WAX tokens, then you can open your own digital shop and begin trading. This is one of the best ideas for transactions within gaming and it will only get better, and http://casselle.com/.

Israel-UK Trade Relationship under Daniel Taub

Ambassadors have the role of maintaining or improving the relationships between their host country and home country. It is the desire of every ambassador to see improvement in this relationship during their tenure.One of the ambassadors that made great improvements between their nation and the host country is the former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom Mr. Daniel Taub. According to the article published on the Algemeiner website on June 19, 2015, trade relationship improved tremendously during Taub’s tenure. The article titled “UK-Israeli Trade Doubled under Resigning Ambassador Taub” stated that the two nations witnessed a double growth in their bilateral trade.

Taub’s 4-year tenure also recorded an increase in the cultural, business and academic linkage between the two nations. According to the article, the trade between Israel and the UK entered a golden era during those four years leading to the establishment of more than 300 Israeli businesses within the UK. The Israel-Britain Chamber Of Commerce reported over $ 5.5billion annual bilateral trade, while the then British Secretary of State For Business, Innovation And Skills Sajid Javid said the figure could be near $ 7 billion. The article also mentions that Daniel Taub was born in the UK and later became an Israeli ambassador to the UK in 2011.

About Daniel Taub

Taub’s parents lived in England where they brought up Daniel Taub throughout his early years. Daniel Taub studied at Haberdasher Aske Boy high school before studying at both the Harvard and Oxford Universities. When he was in his 20s Taub decided to travel to Israel and immediately got enrolled in the Israeli defense forces where he worked as the combat medic before moving to the international law division to work as the reserve officer. Daniel Taub also served shortly as the writer of the president’s speech during his early days in Israel and was later assigned to work with Israel’s foreign ministry.

Taub held various positions in the foreign ministry from legal to political and diplomatic roles. He specialized in the international law, especially in the counter-terrorism laws and laws of War. Taub also played crucial roles in the Israeli missions managing to represent the interest of the country in various international platforms. He was the legal advisor to the Israeli mission to UN in Geneva and New York.in 2011 Daniel Taub was appointed the Israeli-UK ambassador with the promise to improve the trade relationship between the two countries. Learn more: http://www.yadhanadiv.org.il/staff-member/daniel-taub