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Transit experts offer solutions for Williamson County’s biggest issue: traffic

For a long time, Austin City has worked as the only place where the city has seen numerous growth strategies in the country. For this reason, all the traffic issues at the state level are only discussed concerning the state of the city. We have all failed to see what it has resulted. The larger Williamson County has become one of the major residential areas for all those who work in the city. For this reason, all the traffic problems have come back to settle in the region without fear or favour. In the end, we are forced to take action with the latest technology to kerb the situation from getting out of hand.


According to the Growth Summit of the Williamson County, we are forced to have a careful discussion to help control the issue of transportation and traffic for the people in the region. This is the area with the highest concentration of homes for those who work in the city than any other county in Texas. While this is true, it is to our surprise that we have never done anything to have the situation calmed down in the highest sense of capability in the region. As a matter of fact, we have always had to make a better decision as we control the Austin population.


The panel of discussion had the inclusion of the central Texas Authority for Mobility Executive Mike, the Uber Technologies Corporation Chairperson, the RideScout Information Company, the Texas External Affairs Executive Officer, and the Texas Regional Technology Officer. For all these people to sit down and discuss the way forward for the country, they had all it took to develop the solution to the imminent problems associated with the state. As a matter of fact, they worked hard to propose the aerial granola system which can be made to develop their systems in a manner which does not affect the traffic in a negative manner.


M who were very beneficial to the system of the proposal. He worked to develop a high-end he also proposed the driverless system where vehicles can move around the city without the control of the drivers. This is one of the most modern technologies which have worked in the United States and other parts of the world. According to Mike, this is one of the ways the city can develop its mobility manners to have the transportation produced by the system in the city.


Mike Heiligenstein of the CTRMA: The Central Texas Approach from Central Texas Mobility Authority


Successful Correction of Errors in GTL’s Press Release by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the best companies in North America in offering exceptional information management services, inmate services, management of emergencies, providing extensive research and investigation, monitoring and biometric analysis. Our headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. We collaborate with the government and non-governmental agencies in law enforcement and public safety. Additionally, we are the leading firm that efficiently works with correction agencies in the country to enhance successful reformation of the inmates.

At Securus Technologies, we have made significant corrections to the press release of Global Tel Link issued on the 7th of June in 2016. The news release by GTL has numerous errors that are confusing. Therefore, our primary objective here is to correct and clarify on various misleading allegations by GTL.

On the first allegation, GTL claimed that the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board’s verdict about the GTL’s US patent No. 7,256,816 allows GTL to proceed with a 4th PTAB-authorized patent.

Our correction at Securus emphasizes that we understand that the case at the federal court in Texas is undecided. Therefore, GTL is seeking for relief by claiming that they are moving forward to the District Court.

Another allegation on the press release claims that they are happy that PTAB influenced the patenting of all the innovations.

We have corrected the above allegation by emphasizing that despite GTL saying that PTAB did not influence any innovations, they made a conclusion that they have no plans of reviewing their claims. Therefore, we have made all the corrections to the GTL’s press release to show the truth and to eliminate the misleading allegations.

Transit experts offer solutions for Williamson County’s biggest issue: Traffic

In Austin Area, most of the traffic discussion focuses on the city itself and not the outskirt counties which have more problem than the city. As a matter of fact, the Thursday-held Growth Summit for the William County was the greatest opportunity to bring this discussion to the table to have the government of the county do something about the situation. For this reason, the main question raised was to develop a framework which could help the formulation of the transportation challenges facing the William County. Moreover, they also raised challenges which affect the place and means through which they could be mitigated.


The Mobility Authority Executive of the Central Texas Region Mike Helilingestein was also included in the discussion o have his issue resolved with an immediate effect.  According to the agenda of the conference, they wanted to focus on the means through which they would develop a new transportation system which would accommodate all people and yet again have an impact on the reduction of traffic jam in the region. According to Mike’s statements, he proposed a granola system of transportation which is one of the most efficient ways to reduce traffic jam in a city setup.


The discussions also focused on the development of technologies which would change the new face of traffic and transportation in the United States at large. When Mike noticed that the driverless technology of transportation to help reduce traffic jam in a cool city n Williams County, he went on and said that the county needs a new investment strategy that lays enough focus on the increasing threat in the transportation sector. As a matter of fact, the new technology will go a long way in assisting the people develop better ways of curbing transport in a modern city. Moreover, Mike said that the only way to help a city develop means through which it can sustain its transportation system is to have its suburbs developed with better transportation systems.  For this reason, they must have a better way to navigate through the traffic to get to their workplaces in the city.


For the past 15 years, the Williamson County has been suffering from an increased traffic jam in the region. However, the summit will contribute greatly to develop action plans to counter this problem.

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Squaw Valley Water System Update

In a recent statement at http://www.snow-forecast.com/resorts/Squaw-Valley-USA/6day/mid, it was revealed that the drinking water located on the upper mountain of Squaw Valley was said to contain E. coli and coliform bacteria. The report was released on November 8 by the Department of Environmental Health at Placer County. In the time since the statement was released on Weather, there has been an improvement in the water due to extensive treatment.

The most recent findings on sierrasun.com stated that there was no E. coli detected and much lower level of coliform bacteria. The water is off limits for drinking at this time and skiing activities are going forward as planned. The cause of the contamination is linked to heavy rainfall in October which affected the water system on the mountain. The rain water flooded the newly upgraded water system at Squaw Valley.

The ski lodge detected the contamination during routine testing of the water and notified the Environmental Health agency at Placer County as well as the Public Service District. Squaw Valley immediately contacted private water safety consultants on how to immediately address the issue. The company is currently offering free bottled water to the guest lodges that are affected by the contamination and hope to remedy the situation in the very near future. In the meantime, the company is taking the issue quite seriously and is working around the clock to resolve the issue.

Now That’s Refreshing: 22-Year-Old’s Hawaiian Bottled Water Grows 4000% in 3 Years

One of the most offensive players is the bottled water in the beverage game. However, this bottled water form the highest and most popular drink among customers. This is the reason why Ryan Emmons has seen massive growth and profitability for all his time in the world.

He has also seen the best way to make money. According to him, he saw a huge hole in the market of business that required his unique intervention and starts making money. He has nailed numerous components through the making of successful elements in this business. As a matter of fact, he is the only person who saw the development of a new era of business water.

He has nailed the environmentally-friendly can make the sustainable water more healthy to the consumers, and less harmful to the environmental this industry. Everyone has an experience of more than five decades in Waiakea spring . For this reason, it scares away most starters. For you to understand the breaking of the business deals, you should ask the owner and founder of the Volcanic Water business. In the world, there are just a few young entrepreneurs in the world of beverages. For this reason, he saw a market niche to take advantage.

This is what happened to Ryan when he was starting his business. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.charmcitybeverage.com/water/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water

People looked down upon him expecting him to fail at every turn and corner. However, it was to their surprise that the business bloomed better. For now, many people are taking his business seriously. For this reason, they have worked towards the engagement of his colorful criterion to make business work further through his delightful ideas.

When he was 22, his company started on a low note. According to Forbes, this business has grown more than 4000 percent over the past three years in waiakea water. This is one of the most significant business strategies. The company has an annual growth of over 170 percent.

For this reason, they have produced more than 122, 000 cases in three years. The company, in the recent past, was estimated to be worth more than $10 million. The source of their water is one of the cleanest fountains in the world. Crunchbase reports that Waiakea water is rich in minerals from the volcanic rock.

The Success of Lime Crime

Have you ever walked down the cosmetic isle of your favorite store? You’ve probably noticed that the isle is cluttered with numerous items and products. Cosmetics is a billion dollar industry world wide and there has been no slowing down in recent years. Every time you turn on your television there is some type of cosmetic commercial thrown in your face whether it’s Maybelline, L’Oréal, MAC, or Cover Girl. Unfortunately for those prominent brands, all of the new press is going towards a brand that is creating huge waves in current times. That brand is Lime Crime and it has begun revolutionizing the industry with it’s eclectic style.


Doe Deere started this brand as a small independent company on Ebay in 2004. This was more of a fashion line/cosmetics as Deere sewed her own clothes as well as modeled the attire. After reevaluating her business, Deere decided to make some drastic changing and those drastic changes came in the form of Lime Crime make-up. In 2008 Lime Crime took off and gained aptitude with it’s distinct style. This brand had flare and was unapologetic about it’s ways as it could back up all of the hype it started receiving. Having such a strong internet presence, Doe Deere strategically started marketing the brand to specific individuals and it soon became a “cult favorite.” Lime Crime has a wide range of colors that distinctly stands out from the rest. It’s Blue Unicorn Lipsticks stood action and became a must-have product for many. As of today, the Velvetine Collection is the flagship product and it’s liquid matte lipsticks comes in the widest range of hues such as alien, wicked, red velvet, black velvet, pink velvet, saint, pansy, cashmere, utopia, riot, and more.


A typical day starts with Deere and her creative director going over specific products and strategy. Deere states that whenever she has a new idea/concept, she’ll jump on it immediately by working with her chemist. The products are always tried by Deere before hitting the market and she doesn’t like the outcome, the prototype product will be scrapped. Deere has taken this brand above and beyond all doubt as it has expanded into eye shadow, foundation, nail polish. Lime Crime has grown into a full fledged hero (in-a-sense) as female and male individuals are inspired to use the products. It’s Metallic lipsticks are huge sellers as well as it’s staple Unicorn lipsticks. The success of this great cosmetic brand is no fluke and the future looks to be even more interesting.

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Doe Deere Inspires Others With Bold Lime Crime Makeup Company And Strong Work Ethic

With the giant cosmetics companies holding court around the world, you would have to be a fool to try and outsmart them, but Doe Deere has done that and continues to soar in popularity.

The Russian-born beauty launched her independent makeup company in New York City in 2008. Lime Crime was an odd name for a cosmetics brand, but then again, it comes down to sheer genius, because Lime Crime is a most “Google-able” name.

Doe Deere sat down with Ideamensch.com to talk about the beauty industry. We learned that the Lime Crime CEO and founder always enjoyed playing with bright, whimsical colors as a child. She grew up believing that makeup should be fun, edgy and allow for creative self-expression. Her stunning and oddly-colored lipsticks and eye shadows turn heads every time.

The Lime Crime brand has made its presence known on social media, where more than 2.4 million makeup addicts follow on Instagram. The makeup is sold on e-commerce, a tightly competitive way to run and maintain a healthy business.

Doe Deere works very hard at keeping her line of makeup modern, naughty, glam and on-trend. She’s constantly being inspired to create more and more new items, but she always wears them on herself first, to see if the makeup is comfortable, attractive, unique and downright amazing.

Lime Crime has been designed with quality pigment and long-lasting wearability. Doe Deere has changed the face of beauty, and now the big cosmetics companies are trying to dupe her blue lipsticks and other strong sellers. Doe Deere dared to challenge the safe, boring beige makeup status quo and offer women and men, another option.

At her Lime Crime shopping website, one only needs to read her interesting and sincere About Me page:

“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you.” Amen to that.

Doe Deere is being cited for her bold leadership skills for women. Self-Made magazine named her to its list of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. She also appeared on the mag’s cover with Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington, two other famous business moguls.


Visit LimeCrime here.


Ignition Financial Shows the Way

There is many a car financing deal that could have been better in retrospect. Many people finance their vehicle purchase through a dealer program or a used car dealer, and it is possible that they could have done better by doing business with a bank or a credit union.


Many people do not take the time to handle this angle of their purchase of an automobile as carefully or as closely as they should, and they simply buy the car because they feel they can afford the payment. They walk into the showroom, find a car or truck that they like, and measure the value of the deal by the amount of the payment and the “ease” with which they feel they can do business.


Money for automobile financing comes from large banks or money lenders, and the customer does not always get the best deal. There is tremendous competition among these big lenders as far as them doing business with major car dealerships and used car companies. To win the game, many times the lender has to offer some kind of a good deal to the car dealer.


The lender establishes a “floor rate” which is where the interest rate starts, and then another 2 to 4 percent is usually added as dealer profit on the deal. The dealer will then cash out when closing occurs, and the consumer is left holding the bag.


Now there is a way back through Ignition Financial from Austin, Texas. Ignition will refinance those old car loans, and give you a second chance. In most cases, if a person’s credit is fair to good, there is money to be saved in the way of lower payments. Interest rates can be lowered, and costs trimmed away which can add up.


Why keep paying higher payments on loans that run 48 to 60 months or more when you could be lowering your payments and make a better deal on the car note? Ignition will gladly give you a free analysis so you can see whether or not the car note you currently have can be redone. Just tell ignition financial to “slash my payments” today and you’ll be forever glad.


It can be put to good use, as it can go towards other bills, college, medical costs and all kinds of other purposes. Call Ignition Financial today and save.

Doe Deere And Being Fashion Forward

One phrase that has been popping up a little more lately is the phrase fashion forward. One of the reasons that this is popping up is that the established ideas of fashion and beauty are being challenged. People have been made to believe for a long time that one has to meet a certain standard or look like a certain person in order to be beautiful. However, people are finding that different people are attracted to different traits and looks. Doe Deere herself has come to realize that beauty can be quite diverse.


Doe Deere has established Lime Crime which is a make up company that sells different types of make up. When people look at the make up from Lime Crime, they find that they are looking at different colors for items such as lipstick and mascara. This gives them a lot more ideas on what they could do in order to come up with a look that they like or invent some new looks. One thing that people realize is that how one looks could have an effect on their lives whether they like it or not.


Doe Deere is definitely fashion forward in that she wants to bring something new to the world of fashion and beauty. The most important thing for her is diversity.  As a matter of fact, it is the person who finds her own look that is going to be the most satisfied with her appearance, and her life among others that are interested in their appearance.


Doe Deere not only offers some high quality make up. She also sells it at a price that is affordable. Therefore, people don’t have to spend a fortune on make up in order to get something that is going to work well for them. Lime Crime products could be bought online as well as in certain stores.