An Overview of Brian Bonar’s Thriving Career

Brian Bonar is the leader of Trucept Inc. Brian has an extensive business leadership background. He has served as a financial executive in various companies including the Dalrada Financial Corporation. Also, he has a technical expertise with which he can build a successful business structure.

Brian graduated from James Watt Technical Engineering College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. After his graduation, he proceeded to further his studies with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Brian Boner has worked as a procurement manager at IBM. He later moved to QMS where he worked as the Director of Engineering. He had more than 100 staff members under his management at QMS. Brian also worked as the sales manager for Adaptec. He later opted to start his company after gaining enough experience from the various jobs. He established a company called Bezier Systems.

Brian moved to Dalrada Financial Corporation where he achieved a lot of success. He was a resourceful and helpful colleague to many of the workers at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian’s specialties lie in acquisitions and mergers. He combines his personal creativity with the powerful creativity of an architect to come up with solutions.

The financial executive has had various achievements in his career. He was named Cambridge Who’s Who. Getting an inclusion to the Cambridge who’s who registry is a big honor. The honorees are chosen by the Cambridge who’s who committee based on their professional achievements, academic achievements, and leadership skills.

Brian Bonar takes pride of more than 30 years in the financial field. His experience positions him as the right person to manage the operations at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian has served as the chairperson and Chief Executive Officer for the financial institution for over a decade. His position at the company gives him responsibility for a large number of employees. He is in charge of employees’ selection as well as employer benefits. The Dalrada Financial Corporation acts as a marketing link for its clients.

The Corporation provides its customers with various employee programs with the goal of enhancing the business efficiency. The employee programs supplied by the financial corporation include employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and business liability.

Besides working at the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian works at Smart-Tek Automated Services as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Brian is also the president of the Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. Mr. Brian has a Ph.D., and he is professionally affiliated with the American Finance Corporation.

He has been a great inspiration to his clients and colleagues at the workplace. Also, he has a diverse experience in various fields including commercial, retail, and multi-family housing.