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Fortress Investment Group CEO and Principal Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the top financial services executives who currently works at the firm Fortress Investment Group. He has worked at the firm for the last 15 years. Briger has contributed to the firm by helping it expand as well as maintaining its client base. Before he worked at Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked for the firm Goldman Sachs. At this firm where he provided sound leadership of the firm. Along with working in the financial sector, Peter is very active in the community. When he was working in New York City, he helped complete charitable projects with Central Park. While residing in San Francisco, Briger would help families who were in need of housing. Briger is also among the richest Americans according to Forbes magazine.

The educational background of Peter Briger is quite impressive. He attended Princeton University and completed a Bachelor’s degree. After graduating from Princeton, he would get a couple of years of work experience before going on to business school. Peter would later attend the University of Pennsylvania. While studying at this university, he completed a master’s degree at the top school known as the Wharton School of Business. His education in business would help him advance his career and get high level positions at a couple of the top investment firms.

Today, Peter Briger works at Fortress Investment Group where he is a part of the firm’s top level management. He is a member of the management committee as well as being the co chief executive officer and the principal. These two positions allow Peter to provide leadership and business strategy. He helps with setting goals, suggesting policies and also managing the firm’s credit securities division. With his leadership, Peter has been able to help Fortress Investment Group remain as one of the most reputable firms in industry.

Prior to working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger spent many years at Goldman Sachs. While working at Goldman Sachs he spent several years as a Partner beginning in 1996. At this firm, Peter would manage the credit division and help the firm with its presence and expansion in the Asian financial markets.

How Louis Chenevert Produced Results

Louis Chenevert Has had a very interesting career, to say the least. Starting as a manager for General Motors before becoming chief executive officer For United Technologies and Advising Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs.

Mr. Chenevert Was born in 1958 in Quebec Montreal, As a child he showed an interest and entrepreneurship and business That has never left him. he also demonstrated the work ethic and determination needed to succeed in business.

After earning a degree from HEC Montréal Business School at the University of Montréal with a major in production management Mr. Chenevert went to work for General Motors in Montreal. He was placed in charge of the General Motors production line and Montreal and quickly put the skills he learned while earning his degree to work.

After 14 years with General Motors, Mr. Chenevert felt in just time for a change and a colleague of his Karl Krapek Was making the job to the Aerospace industry and felt that Mr. Chenevert with his 14 years of assembly line management experience could be useful.

Mr. Chenevert Joined Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1993. Pratt & Whitney Canada along with Pratt & Whitney USA are business units of United Technologies Corporation. Pratt & Whitney Canada were Focusing on the production of smaller aircraft engines while Pratt & Whitney USA focused on the production of larger engines. Mr. Chenevert reduced production costs by 10% and shortened the production time from 2 years to 9 months, he was promoted the president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999.

As the president of Pratt & Whitney, Mr. Chenevert made numerous improvements that allowed the company to weather an economic downturn far better than many of their rivals. His actions did not go unnoticed buy parent company UTC. In 2006 Mr. Chenevert Was selected as Chairman of UTC and less than 2 years later he was named Chief Executive Officer after the retirement of the legendary George David. Mr. Chenevert retired from UTC in 2014 having delivered and 84% total return for company shareholders. Today he serves as a senior industry advisor for Goldman Sachs.


Jay Z and OG Juan Know How to Party

What if I told you about a birthday bash that racked up a bill of nearly $100,000— would you wish you’d participated or recoil for distaste of lavish extravagance? And what if that bill was part of an ingenious marketing expense?

That party happened. It was for Juan “OG” Perez, a man on a mission with impressive entrepreneurial accomplishments.

OG Juan is president of Roc Nation Sports, a sub-division of Roc Nation; the world’s preeminent entertainment company that’s redefining the business of entertainment. OG Juan is part of a team of execs that includes his wife Desiree and Shawn “Jay Z” Carter; founder of Roc Nation, who also hosted the celebration. OG Juan and Desiree have run Jay’s business operations for over twenty years. The three of them are not only business partners but dear friends.

Jay Z and OG Juan met in 96 and formed an instant bond. They started their business adventures opening sports bars and lounges, including the 40/40 Club; a hub for sports celebrities that catalyzed their future brand in sports. Where Roc Nation advocated artists in the music industry, Roc Nation Sports sought to support athletes in the same way.

Jay Z, an avid sports fan, noted the economic plight of athletes following the closure of their contracts and developed the notion to further their careers by offering the kinds of deals usually reserved for entertainers.

Between artists and athletes, Roc Nation’s mission has been an awesome success and OG Juan’s celebration added to their accomplishments. The bulk of that birthday bill was spent on “D’usse’” and “Ace of Spades,” Jay’s own brands of cognac and champagne and the storm of tweets in response to the bill was awesome free marketing!

Why get a knock off when you can get “The RealReal”

The RealReal is a Luxury Consignment Store that sells designer bags, clothing, jewelry and accessories to die for. The company has several unique ways of collecting the merchandise for inspection by their experts. One can either have a Free in-Home Pickup, Drop off at one of the Luxury Consignment Office’s or Ship Directly to the store all options are on their dime. The RealReal has been recognized by the New York Times, Fortune and The New Yorker as the “go to ” shopping experience for authentic luxury items.

Their Instagram page was set up in a very user friendly way. There is a virtual experience for the L.A. Store including a visual of the team , their address and a live peek-a-boo of the store. The next option to view is their Sustainability caption which is The RealReal’s partnership with Stella McCartney, that basically emphasizes maximizing the use of items for as long as possible and for designers to make them so well that they are resellable instead of disposable. The remaining options to view are the SOHO Store and some tips from their authenticity experts.

I have a few favorite items from their Instagram page, starting with a Chanel bag that they titled “From C to shining C”. This petite bag is adorable, it has a gold and silver chevron design all over it and has some serious bling being displayed via the photo. The traditional Chanel chain is attached, so although its small enough to carry like a clutch the chain doesn’t look like it tucks in from the side. This bag is a must have due to not really seeing a lot of people with this style. Every woman wants to feel like they have a “Special Edition” of a designer bag. Another piece that happens to be by Chanel as well, is a Crystal Vision belt. This is no ordinary belt, this needs a new description for the amount of elegance being displayed. The only way to describe it is to imagine beads of diamonds attached as if it were a chain that has a double layer in the front and then has a single strand of diamonds hanging to the side with the Chanel logo at the end.

I have told all of my girlfriends about this amazing Instagram page and I know they won’t be disappointed. Happy shopping ladies!

Entrepreneurial Insights by FlavioMaluf

The renowned Flavio Maluf was born on 2nd of December into the prosperous family of Paulo Maluf, a successful politician cum businessman in Brazil. Despite being born in a very wealthy family, he succeeded to get a good education and build his empire. Flavio, who acquired his Mechanical Engineering degree from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation but opted to be a full-time entrepreneur until 1997, when he took over the Eucatex Group as the CEO and President. Visit barbacenaonline.com to learn more.

FlavioMaluf who is also the president of the Grand food Company, recommends that people who want to venture in business should dedicate a lot of time and energy in growing their business and go against the myths in the entrepreneurial world. He advises that when you own your business, you will have to put in more hours into the business to earn more. He also warns people to seize thinking that they need a lot of capital to start a business because there are some very nice business models which do not need a lot of capital to start. According to Flavio Maluf, being a smart entrepreneur means being creative and open-minded to grab opportunities which can grow your business. He suggests that entrepreneurs should read books and magazine as well as internet content sources to grow creativity in business operations to make it possible to get new ideas and also sharpen creativity. A strategy he feels helps most business to grow is, appreciating the current trends in the market in regards to the business one is partaking.

Most importantly, Flavio believes that we should be ready to fail before we succeeded. There are times he has tried out new things for his business, and it just did not work out for him. Therefore, it is important to know both your abilities and your limitations.

Read more : https://www.crunchbase.com/person/flavio-maluf



Vijay Eswaran’s Business and Personal Philosophy

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most popular entrepreneurs, authors, and philanthropists in Asia. He has authored quite a number of motivational books to inspire current and aspiring entrepreneurs toward achieving their personal and business goals. Examples of popular books authored by Vijay include Two minutes from the Abyss and In the Sphere of Silence.

The Two minutes from the Abyss bookreminds readers that life is not permanent, and people should live in the moment and focus on their goals. He urges readers to make the most of every second in their life as it is the only way to live a fulfilled life. In this book, Vijay advises readers to; have a sense of urgency life, overcome ego, and confront people without emotions.

The In the Sphere of Silence book highlights some of Vijay’s secretes to success. In this book, Vijay suggests that remaining still and examining our inner-self is the best way to succeed in personal life and business. Vijay Eswaran is a firm believer in the philosophy that change begins from within and pain is the ultimate price of charge. The book provides valuable insights on how individuals can manage their daily lives and carry out self-examination.

Vijay Eswaran also believes in the philosophy of servant leadership where leaders should selflessly focus on developing other people. This is a philosophy he learned from his father while growing up. According to Vijay, a servant leader should; be caring, have a clear of vision, establish core values, be committed to growth, and the same time create a will to sacrifice. All these qualities are critical for the success in business and personal life.

About Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a philanthropist, motivational speaker, and a well known business leader in Asia. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of a multinational conglomerate known as QI Group of companies. The company has operations in more than 30 countries with interests in; hospitality, retail, education, real estate, and direct selling.

David McDonald’s Success

A long-lasting solution for any firm depends wholly on how the organization is guided. David McDonald is one great icon in this industry which plays his cards well through the guiding of his organization in meeting set goals. With a degree in animal science from Lowa State University, David managed to penetrate the real business word of serving. He joined OSI Group, an international food handling company.

David has been in the industry for a long time, and his effort has proved him worthy. While still under OSI, David has held different positions. He is also the Director of OSI International Foods Property Limited, Australia and the project manager of OSI Group, with more significant roles to perform in ensuring a smooth running of the company.

Under the management of David McDonald, OSI Group has managed to acquire Baho Food, which is also a global food handling organization. Through his statement regarding this, David McDonald announced that OSI had achieved a greater identity in Europe. Boha has been in the food industry with an experience of 60 years, which puts OSI in an excellent position to benefit from. The diverse range of products they offer also gives OSI an upper hand in satisfying their customers demand.

David’s’ offer in improving OSIs’ Group sustainability includes expanding their market by the acquisition of more food companies such as Flagship Europe, Tyson Food apart from Baho Food. Focusing on this, he has also managed to penetrate global markets such as Geneva and Hungary. All this has a positive impact in sustaining the company through the increase in demand and thus increase in services provided.

Understanding the market well for one to offer desired services is a crucial aspect when dealing with business. David McDonald placed measures for monitoring customers worldwide; to have a clue of what is needed. For instance, he established a worldwide network of teams with firms supposed to grasp the culture of the different groups of customers around. This in return gives a better view of what to offer that is in line with what is demanded.

David led by the rule of ‘customer always comes first.’ Through which, he had to work on giving desirable results to the consumers who are the backbone of the company.

Apart from being part of OSI, David has other delegations such as being the Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A since 2008.


William Saito and Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

William H. Saito is a Japanese American venture capitalist, investor and businessman who was born in 1971. He was named one of the most influential people in Japan by Nikkei. He started software programming in elementary school where he gained some experience in technology and started his own company when he was still in high school. William was named entrepreneur of the year 1998 where he was recognized as one of the best firms in biometrics, encryption, and cybersecurity. He later sold his enterprise to Microsoft and relocated to Tokyo and initiated InTecur, a capital and consultation company finds new and innovative technologies and assists potential entrepreneurs to be successful.

Since late 2011, William Saito has been the Chief Technology Officer of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Commission. At the start of 2012, Saito joined the council of national strategy and policy based in Japan as an appointee. This council only reports its gatherings directly to the Prime Minister of Japan. Saito is also a member of the Foundation Board at the World Economic Forum where he was named a Young Global Leader and Global Agenda Council member. Saito also offers advice to national governments around the world, and he is currently the advisor of the Cabinet office. For example in Japan, he has been an advisor to certain agencies like the Information Technology Promotion Agency and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. He is an author of many publications, teaches several universities and appears on several companies’ boards.william-saito-1dfccb15-207c-4543-86dd-daeca1b72b7-resize-750

Mr. William Saito’s investment plan is guided by the growth in technology which makes the markets easily accessible by everyone. William Saito likes working with different persons to understand their problems and to find possible solutions that will be advantageous to the people in the real world. William’s habit that makes him a better entrepreneur understands failure as a tool that brings innovation with the help of a team. According to William, cybersecurity is an added advantage if used in a firm. Saito advises the young generation not to rush at doing things and do what their heart wants and not what their guardians wish to them to do. Persistence is what has kept Saito to become what he is today, and he recommends everyone else to accept mistakes until you are best at that particular activity that you want.

EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

NGP VAN Uses Software to Promote LGBTQ Progressive Ideals

NGP VAN is a DC-based political software company that largely works with liberal democratic organizations to help them create the software that they need to to help reach the constituents that support their ideals and will vote for them in upcoming elections. They create a wide array of software for political campaigns, progressive oranizations, non-profits, and towns and cities aroud the country. They offer an integrated software package that meets all of their customers needs for networking, fundraising, organization, field work, and compliance.

As a liberal, progressive organization NGP VAN supports liberal and progressive causes, organizations, and people. The organization strives to provide this software at an affordable price, because they believe that the liberal organizing needed to change the world, shouldn’t break the bank.

In addition to working with democratic canidates, NGP VAN has made some other changes to be more inclusive and progressive. Recently they have focued on promoting LGBTQ progressive ideals through the way their software works. Many other companies that take polls and collect data use binary language to refer to gender, but in order to be more inclusive and support trans and nonbinary people, NGP VAN has started using non-binary gender pronouns and labels in voters contact labels. This helps organizations and campaigns to better connect with their trans and non-binary supporters by affirming their identity. This allows volunteers and poll takers to be addressed correctly and allows these volunteers and poll takes to address donors, supporters, and voters correctly as well.

Inclusive language is only a small way that NGP VAN supports liberal and progressive values. During the international “A Day Without a Woman” campaign, the DC based company gave all the women in the organization the day off, and instead encouraged these employees to spend the day volunteering or otherwise using their time outside of the company. Women in the company occupy a wide variety of roles, including developers, engineers, designers, accountants, human resource professionals, sales & account managers, marketers, client services representatives, and data specialists. Without these essential roles, which the company blog described as “magic”, many important projects were put on hold and could not be accomplished.



Dr Mark Mofid and His Contributions to the Plastic Surgery Industry.

Dr Mark Mofid is a surgeon from San Diego who deals with plastic surgery. The plastic surgery industry has recently been viewed as malpractice, but despite all the negativity, Dr Mark Mofid has been able to better the industry and change the perspective in which most of the people have viewed it.

Dr Mark Mofid has undergone training from Harvard, and the Johns Hopkins University, and this has helped him better his skills since individuals see him as someone who knows and understands what he is talking about especially people from the medical community. Dr Mark Mofid has been able to gain and earn trust from many different individuals because of his excellent reputation and ability to adhere to safe medical practices.

In fields such as the gluteal augmentation fields, most of the patients tend to take advantage and ask for larger implants, but Dr Mofid doesn’t take this as an opportunity to ask for more pay, he instead looks at the safety measures, and he ensures that he only carries out safe procedures which will not harm an individual.

Dr Mark Mofid is always researching how to better the industry and improve how procedures are carried out more safely than they were done before. Dr Mark Mofid uses science and his innovation skills where he carefully examines the details, and he thinks beyond so that he can get new ideas.

He has a deep understanding of body systems such as the skin, fat and muscles which help him in surgeries. Dr Mofid has been working to enhance safer surgery procedures for close to 8 years now. When he ventured into the industry, he saw the need for improving how the procedures were done instead of doing things the same way they have always been done.

Some of the challenges he has faced in the field include incompatibility of implants with the body since most of them were generic. He found techniques to develop a new variety of implants which were compatible with the body muscles and the implants looked better than the ones which were previously used. Dr Mofid has invested most of his time in ensuring that individuals received the best services during the procedures.